How to Migrate Private SaveWorld to Dedicated Server In V Rising

This guide will let you know how to Migrate Private Save/World to Dedicated Server in V Rising. You have to follow the step-by-step instructions below to do so.

1- First, you have to open Steam, then go to the library, and search for the V Rising dedicated server. After finding it, you need to right-click on it, then go to Manage and click on Browse local files. It will take you to the server’s directory, then you have to go into the save data folder then to save, then go to v1 then go into your world name folder. In this, you have to delete all the auto-saved folders. You have to ensure that you don’t delete the sessionid folder.

2- After that, open the Run window and type %Appdata%, it will take you to the app data folder. From there, you need to go to the Local low folder in this folder and navigate to the stunlock studios. Then go into V-rising, navigate to the saves folder, and then go to the v1 folder. Inside this folder, you will find an id folder, go into this folder, and copy all the saved files. And then paste this into the previous folder from where you deleted the autosaved files earlier.

3- After doing this, you have to go back to the V rising dedicated server folder and go into the V rising server data. Navigate into the streaming assets and then go to the settings folder. You need to copy the server game settings and server game host settings file from the ID folder and paste it into the settings folder. After this, your server will be updated.

4- Now you have to open the server host settings file and change the max connecting number. You can set it according to your choice and then set a server password. After that, save this file and close it.

5- Now you are ready to launch your server, you will find it in the V Rising dedicated server folder. You have to open the start.bat file and then open the V Rising game. Click on Play, then tap on Online Play and click on Find Servers on the bottom left of your screen. After that, click on Display of all servers and the settings button on the top. After that, click on the Direct connect button on the bottom middle of your screen and input Then you need to click on Connect.

6- You will be connected to your server, it will ask you to write your server password and then you have to enter the password you have created in the server host setting file. Then it will start loading and in a few seconds, you will be on your server and you will have all of your items.

If you close your game, your friends will keep playing as long as you keep your server file running. Also before doing this whole process, you have to make sure that this server file is closed otherwise nothing will work for you.