Hyakunin Ikki Day 4 Guide -Genshin Impact

In this guide, I will share with you how to get a 2000+ score for day 4 Hyakunin Ikki by only using trial characters provided by the event. The score multiplier is Extreme x4.

Do note that you can get some healers and shielders on some of the teams or dodge as much as possible to avoid death of your trail characters.

Team Setup & Secret Arts

For the first team, we will be using Razor and we’re on fire! And way of Tatara.

For the second team, we will be using Itto with Mr.Infinity and the shrine of stone.

For the third team, we will be using Xiangling with Restitution and Fiery Banishment.

For the fourth team, we will be using Ayaka with celebration beyond count and Frigid Regimen.

For the fifth team, we will be using Kazuha with Tenko’s Admonishment and Scything winds.

For the sixth team, we will be using Yoimiya with Pruning and accidental intent.