How to Get Frost Brute Scale in LEGO Fortnite

In this guide, you will learn how to get the Frost Brute Scale in LEGO Fortnite using the easiest method.

  • Frost Brutes are tough enemies found randomly in snow biomes. They wander around and sometimes fight with other creatures. You might have encountered them during the gameplay,
  • Equip yourself with weapons like swords, crossbows, and health charms before facing the Frost Brute.
    They are powerful enemies, so it’s essential to be cautious.
  • The Frost Brute looks like a dangerous animal, it’s a strong enemy that you’ll need to defeat to get the item you’re seeking. It’s recommended to attack the Frost Brute from a distance.
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  • Use a bow and arrows to attack. It might take around 60 to 70 arrows with an epic crossbow to defeat it. Alternatively, using a sword can be quicker but riskier. Consider using a shield for protection if opting for close combat.
  • If using a bow, keep shooting from a distance. Ensure you’ve geared up with health charms for added protection. If using a sword, make sure to use defensive strategies. Utilize your shield to block its attacks.
    Once you defeat the Frost Brute, you will receive the Frost Brute Scale as a reward.
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