INAZUMA Theater Mechanicus Day 2 AFK Guide – Genshin Impact

In this guide, I will share with you how to get a max score for Day 2 Theatre Mechanicus for the event Hues of the Violet Garden, for both shows of Force and entering the Horde difficulty mode.

Show of Force

Pick Hydro orange, blue and grey sticks, and Cryo orange and grey sticks.

Before starting the wave, remove all 3 binding towers.

Go to the other side of the adept bridge and place 3 Hydro towers near the Prebuilt Hydro tower.

Place 2 Cryo towers behind the Hydro towers.

Start the wave and AFK until the end of the challenge. You can use the mechanism to close the adept bridge whenever you see enemies that manage to escape.

Enter the Horde

Pick Cryo orange and first grey stick, physical orange and grey stick, Binding orange and grey stick, and Mystic stick No.3 and 4.

Get Lisa on the team for superconducting reaction to amplify the damage dealt by the physical towers.

Before starting the wave, we will be dismantling the physical tower behind us.

Place 2 physical towers beside the binding towers.

1 Physical tower on the right and 1 binding tower in front.

Replace the prebuilt binding tower with Cryo tower.

Go to the other side of the bridge and remove 2 prebuilt towers.

Place 1 Cryo tower at the slot behind the cryo towers that we dismantled earlier.

Place 2 physical towers and 1 binding in the middle of the map.

Replace the prebuilt Hydro tower with Cryo tower.

Place 2 Hydro towers near the portal.

Stand beside the mechanism and start the challenge. You can activate the mechanism to close the adept bridge if you want to be safe.

Lisa Showtime!

When the slimes spawn, you can go down there to hit them with Lisa’s normal attacks to slow them down or use the mechanism to close the adept bridge.

When the ruin guards spawn on both lanes, try to focus on the one on the right as the one in front will get frozen. Hit the ruined guard with Lisa for superconducting to reduce its physical RES.

Hit the second ruin guard with Lisa for superconducting.

Activate the mechanism when the third ruin guard is on the adept bridge.

You can apply to superconduct on the fourth ruin guard as well to defeat the enemy slightly faster.

For the thunder Lawachurl, we can hit them after their shield disappears for superconduct reaction.

Activate the mechanism to close the adept bridge for the ruin grader.

Hit or ignore the ruin hunter (as its HP is pretty low) and hit the thunder Lawachurl after its shield disappears.