IOS Games That Are Worth Playing

There are thousands of games to play on you IOS devices, but only a few hundred games are worth your time. We have curated this list carefully by keeping the quality of graphics and game play in mind, these games will help in killing your time. 

Game NamePlatformPriceLink
Moondog: First LandingiOSFree
Wave ManiaiOSFree
Navy FieldiOSFree
Pixel Weather ForecastiOSFree
Swirl DropiOSFree
Move BakiOSFree
Pango KumoiOS$2.99
Aqua HeroiOSFree
Monster Truck – Soccer KingsiOSFree
Pixel Cat StickersiOSFree
Pursuit of Plasma – Sci-Fi RuniOSFree
Enter PerditioniOSFree
An Uneggspected JourneyiOSFree
London has FalleniOSFree
Critter CrushiOSFree
Blocks Breaker MachineiOS$5.99
Pixeljima 1942iOSFree
Frogs LifeiOSFree
Naked WinemakeriOS$0.99
Sugar-Shooter LiteiOSFree
Breaking JumpiOSFree
Blood, Brains and Gore (N.R.)iOSFree
Eggs on a RolliOSFree
Runny DuckiOSFree
All-Star Fruit Racing VRiOSFree
Harvest RushiOSFree


Pilot your spaceship through a maze of caves on an alien planet. Try to reach the surface, while collecting luminum crystals which you can trade for upgrades. Watch out for hazards like mines or laser batteries, and keep an eye on your limited fuel supply.

Moondog: First Landing

Moondog: First Landing – Fully 3d Mapped Moon. 3D exploration driving shooter set on the Moon in the near future. Fight and trade across a fully mapped accurate Moon with other factions, survive random deadly encounters generated by AI. Trade, Survive and Explore!


Get ready… Skeeto is here… the pesky little mosquito that is going to ruin your sleep. Can you find her, and kill her? This amazing game for iOS that is based on listening and promotes physical exercise; you cannot play this game seated…

Wave Mania

Welcome to the Cosmic Energy Wave Mining training Simulator. Since their discovery, Isolated Cosmic Energy Waves or ICEWs, have powered cities across colonized space. The ICEW industry has grown to a quad-trillion credit industry. At the front of this industry are the CEW Miners.

Navy Field

Compete and win against players around the world with a variety of battleships! Cooperate with clan allies and upgrade your warships to rule the ocean!

Pixel Weather Forecast

PixelWeather shows your local weather information in a clear and easy to understand way. At the top part of the screen, the information is depicted in pixel animation for rain, snow, wind, lightning, and more. At the bottom part of the screen, there is a text representation for the weather information about location, temperature, wind, and sunset plus sunrise.

Swirl Drop

Look down, swirl down & get the ball to the finish line! This game incorporates a gameplay that you all know and love with it’s own special characterstics! You will love how unique the game is and the different perspective it gives. Choose which ball you want to use — we will give it to you or free… No unlocking! We want you to enjoy the game, not stress out in order to unlock anything. It’s all unlocked! All you need to do is pass the levels. Sounds easy enough, right? Wrong! These levels can get HARD and only the best will beat them all!


Try to build your own classy dump tower as high as possible. Tap the helicopter platform on top of each block to build the next one. Each block is 10 cm high, so you must get up and move yourself to set the next block. Be a winner not a loser keep an eye on the leaderboard to see your competitors.

Move Bak

Take control of an iconic Maltese Bus as you make your way through the narrow roads of Malta, picking up passengers and taking them to their destination.

Pango Kumo

Become Kumo: a small cloud from Pango’s world. Use your powers of water and fire. Everything is grey and sad. But with Kumo’s magic you can bring life and colour back to Pango’s World!

Aqua Hero

How long can you last? Tap the screen to make your hero swim higher! Don’t let him touch the mines! Go for the High Score! Challenge your friends! Warning! This game is really hard!

Monster Truck – Soccer Kings

Monster trucks playing soccer and smashing stuff… do you really need to hear anymore? These mash monsters eat cars alive and spit out the bones. Then they wash it down with radiator fluid and a tasty tire for dessert. This is the LOUDEST, MEANEST AND MOST FUN monster truck soccer game you’ll ever play.

Pixel Cat Stickers

Express your felines with this awesome pack of animated Pixel Cat stickers! Send these animated stickers directly in chat. Place them anywhere in your iMessages. You can layer the stickers onto chat, over other stickers, or add them into photos. You can also rotate and scale the stickers.

Pursuit of Plasma – Sci-Fi Run

Explore the infinite depths of space in this sci fi endless runner adventure. With stunning graphics and fluid controls, you’ll journey deep into the cosmos on your pursuit of plasma. Start by collecting crystals from asteroids in space and use them to evolve your character into higher dimensions. As you evolve you’ll gain access to new benefits which will help you in your sci fi endless runner adventure.

Enter Perdition

An airship crashes, jettisoning valuable cargo. Lead your war clan of Dwarves, Elves, Orcs, or others to the treasure—but beware. The once gentle centaurs of the plains are all WitchBorn now.

An Uneggspected Journey

An egg can only go so far before it cracks. Its up to you to take it as far as possible through the kitchen, where it encounters uneggspected situations…

London has Fallen

An unknown enemy is beginning an air raid on London. Defend London at all costs!

Critter Crush

Tiny critters from the planet Neptune have created a worm hole from their planet to Earth. As luck would have it, the end of their space tunnel just happens to be in your refrigerator! Now these little Neplings are loose in your home. They are clever and hungry and they are on a mission to eat you! The only way to stop them is to crush them by any means necessary.

Blocks Breaker Machine

Bouncing the ball on the paddle appeared in games from the beginning of their existence, and the Arkanoid (aka Brick Breaker) game is one of varieties. Blocks Breaker Machine is the next variety of Arkanoid (aka Brick Breaker), which tries to introduce new elements to this classic genre, at the same time avoiding the introduction of frills, such as gravity.

Pixeljima 1942

The game is set in the Pacific theater of World War II in 1942. Famous battles in that theater include the “Attack on Pearl Harbor”, the “Battle of Coral Sea”, the “Battle of Midway”, through to the “Battle of Iwo Jima” near the end of wwii where the game gets its name, “Pixel Jima”.

Frogs Life

The rules of the pond are simple: Eat, but don’t get eaten. Eat all the bugs as fast as possible to earn stars and unlock levels. Evade predators such as the turtle, snake, raven and perch. Play against other players using multiple devices or Game Center to see who will rule the pond! Include computer frogs in the game for more competition.


Use Apple Watch Crown to draw brilliant spirographs. Be careful about obstacles. Avoid obstacles and complete all spirographs. Control drawing ability with Apple Watch Crown, feel lively haptic feedback from taptic engine.

Naked Winemaker

Naked Winemaker is a fun game that tests your skills at catching wine bottles, wine glasses, and corkscrews, while avoiding grape clusters. Catch the naked woman winemaker and score more points as well as clearing those pesky grape clusters.

Sugar-Shooter Lite

Move around using the touchscreen joystick and shoot the unhealthy foods that contain large amounts of sugar using the fire button. When you have low health, collect the greens for a health boost. In this sugar shooting game you will face an increasingly large number of unhealthy foods which can shoot you back! In the final level you will fight the Master of Sugar!

Breaking Jump

Breaking Jump is an action game where our objective is to escape from the tower and its strange creatures. Jump, break, jump back and escape to the next floor of the tower.

Blood, Brains and Gore (N.R.)

Slice and dice the walking dead, free them of their eternal doom. But beware of the Toxic barrels. Hitting a toxic barrel will create even more walking dead and cost you a life.

Eggs on a Roll

In a world where two eggs fight for their survival, controls are easy to learn, but timing is crucial! Eggs on a Roll is a 2D platform runner game designed for 2 players (co-op). It scrolls automatically: all you have to do is jump at the right times.

Runny Duck

Help the poor duck escape the relentless enemies running down, down, down through a plenitude of very different and amusing levels.

All-Star Fruit Racing VR

“All-Star Fruit Racing VR is some of the most fun I’ve had in a VR racing game. Using your head to steer in VR mode is much tighter than you’d expect, and the drifting is pulled off flawlessly.”

Harvest Rush

Hop in your high speed combine and strap yourself in for the most nail-biting, hair raising, teeth clenching threshing you’ve ever experienced. This is the most high quality simulation of threshing the sky fields you’ll ever find!

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