IOS Games To Lookout For In February 2021

Thousands of IOS games are released on a daily basis at Apple app stores, it’s almost impossible to try all of them, that is why we have curated this list of high quality games that will keep you busy for a while.

Game NamePlatformPriceLink
FP Boar‪diOSFree
Incredible Brick BreakeriOSFree
Bump It OutiOSFree
Glow TrapiOSFree
Hom HomiOSFree
Tricky Gy‪m‬iOSFree
Bloo KidiOS$1.99
ZIKA KilleriOS$1.99
Tap Drift – endless racin‪giOSFree
Fin’s Fathom‪siOSFree
Emoji Invasio‪niOSFree
Bootleggers: Illegal FarmiOSFree
Just Escape It‪!‬iOSFree
Reaction Speed Challeng‪eiOSFree
Knife Throw Royale: Hit Gam‪eiOSFree
Gate Rusher – Speed Maze Gam‪eiOSFree
TOC GameiOSFree
Lab Chao‪siOSFree
Astro Hamme‪riOSFree
Nose Ball: Face ID Game ZoneiOSFree
Haze HazardiOSFree
Jump TempleiOSFree
Star Gunner ARiOS$0.99
Game of Shape‪siOSFree
Football Goal MakeriOSFree
Duckstazy ClassiciOSFree
Soda Pop‪!iOSFree

FP Boar‪d

This game is very easy. You just touch and turn off panels which light up. Compete with time and counts by using your reflexes. This game has three mode, normal, time and count. I hope you to enjoy this game.

Incredible Brick Breaker

This Brick Breaker game will have you chasing fast balls, grabbing power-ups and swinging long paddles while crushing bricks with incredible fury. Like any good old Brick Breaker game, the ultimate goal is to destroy all bricks while staying alive. Nevertheless, this game will bring out the ninja reflex in you.


Build towers, protect your heart, overclock to be OP and enjoy the synth — in this 80s pixel synth inspired tower defense. 7 worlds with a total of 33 levels await you. Can you defeat the creeps and protect your heart in all levels?

Bump It Out

Try out this addictive game where red bars are coming down the screen and you need to tap on the screen shooting balls towards the red bars. The object is to bump those red bars off the screen before they reach the bottom. You also have 3 levels of difficulty: Easy, Moderate and Hard to enhance your gaming experience.

Glow Trap

Tap to guide a ball through a field of spikes only visible inside your hexagon light. Easier said than done. More fun than you think! A classic that will keep you coming back.

Hom Hom

Have you ever think that your way home is long? Have you ever blame the traffic and your slow vehicle? Have you ever think that future transport will be better? Think again! Even a spaceship cannot help your way shorter.

Tricky Gy‪m‬

Swing and jump pole to pole avoiding the obstacle to reach the end of the level. Use you finger to throw your character to the next pole and master the realistic physics to perform wonderful tricks! This game is easy to play, but can you make it?

Bloo Kid

Help Bloo Kid to rescue his girlfriend from the hands of the evil Wizard in this fancy retro-style “one-screen” platformer. Jump and run your way through 96 action-packed levels spread across EIGHT unique worlds.

ZIKA Killer

Save the world one virus at a time! Help eradicate the deadly Zika virus by obliterating as many as possible! This visually stunning and highly addictive game will keep you coming back for microbial destruction. Endless randomly generated levels never get boring.

Tap Drift – endless racin‪g

Become the best drifter in town! Enjoy the ride on your favorite car, then double-tap to drift and enjoy it even more. Beat your high-score and compete with friends.

Fin’s Fathom‪s

vPaulTech LLC is proud to present our first mobile game Fin’s Fathoms: The Fishy Apprentice! While searching for his best friend Herman, Fin finds himself submerged in a dangerous plot! After nearly becoming shark bait, Fin is discovered by Shellie: Queen of the Mermaids. Shellie sees great potential in Fin. Because of this she decides to guide him on his quest. Fin’s Fathoms: The Fishy Apprentice is an exciting and challenging arcade game that will keep you coming back for more!

Emoji Invasio‪n

Emoji have invaded the galaxy! Blast your way through all your favourite emojis and bring peace to the universe in this action packed space shooter game.

Bootleggers: Illegal Farm

Only here you can produce drinks, smuggle it with mafia bosses and make money as real Bootlegger from the Roaring Twenties! Manage your illegal farm and become the No.1 Bootlegger in the county. Attack neighbors, take part in real-time shootouts and clan rumbles, be engaged in smuggling!

Just Escape It‪!‬

Balls are flying from all four directions. You just have to escape it. If you hit the ball, it’s over, if you don’t, you win!

Reaction Speed Challeng‪e

Do you have a good sense for time? Challenge yourself and hit the 2 seconds mark exactly at the same time. Tap the screen and try to exactly hit the time limit to go through this game. You have a specific range but be careful and don’t wait too long! Use the game center to compete with your friends or others around the world. What’s your best score? Beat the Time!

Knife Throw Royale: Hit Gam‪e

Throw the knives against the blocks and break them into a thousand pieces, upgrade your weapons, with special knives, epic swords or weapons.

Gate Rusher – Speed Maze Gam‪e

Put your timing and reflexes to the test in the most thrilling and addictive running game of 2020: Gate Rusher! Gate Rusher is a test of timing and precision as you roll through the gates. Swipe left and right to control the ball and swiftly pass through them all, while the game picks up speed and intensity as you play.

TOC Game

Click on the indicated TOCs to earn points; If you click on the wrong TOCs, you lose points; The match ends if you let some escape, or stay with points below zero; Stay smart! The indicated TOCs may change during the game; Use Power Ups if you’re about to lose. Relax in Zen mode, train in the classic, and get insane in the hardest of modes!

Lab Chao‪s

There’s been a mishap at the Lab, and all of the Goo-tonium crystals are missing!! Can you help our shape-shifting hero save the Lab before it’s too late? Use your platforming skills to guide our hero through challenging levels, collecting the Goo-tonium crystals and racing against the clock!

Astro Hamme‪r

Astro Hammer is a simple old-school shooter in the style of 80s classics such as Astro Blaster, Galaxians and Space Invaders. Obliterate increasing waves of enemies as they descend from the screen and prevent them landing on Earth.

Nose Ball: Face ID Game Zone

Keep the ball up… with your nose !! Prevent it from being pierced by the stakes, and collect points by hitting the irregularly-shaped objects.

Haze Hazard

Quick!! Stop haze particles before they make your hometown an uninhabitable place! An extraordinary simple game that will give you hours of relax by helping you to slow down your mind and just focus on your thumbs and the alien haze particles.


A simple retro-style arcade game. Just jump in and shoot.

Jump Temple

Flex your clicky finger as you jump your way through dark caverns and spiky obstacles. Click/Tap to jump to avoid obstacles, collect coins and buy power ups, unlock new characters, themes, music and see how far you can run!

Star Gunner AR

We are under attack by alien invaders! How, Why – none of that matters now. Take control of our most advanced weapons and defend our fleets and outposts. You are the last hope of humanity.

Game of Shape‪s

Oh no! The king is in danger and only you can help him! Prove that you are a true knight by protecting the king from his enemies. There are four enemy shapes surrounding him and only you can stop them by using your four edges to hit the oncoming shapes towards the surrounding enemies with matching shape or color. Discover power-ups and combos to help you destroy the enemies. Unlock new and more powerful characters! And last but not least have fun!

Football Goal Maker

Football Goal Maker is a great game for all fans who think football is the most awesome sport in the world. Tap the football and cheat the goalkeeper. 10 levels where you have to be faster and faster.

Duckstazy Classic

While Duck is jumping too high, that time to examine your skills. Collect smiles and avoid bad trip guys to beat your friends!


You compete for height by bouncing cat. Let’s jump and use items to get higher! Don’t hit enemies!! Please touch your screen to make cat jumps. And, please tilt to move left and right.

Soda Pop‪!

The O-Zell Soda Company was started in Chicago, IL in 1911. In 1912, Elias Disney and Flora Disney, Walt Disney and Roy Disney’s parents, took proceeds from Elias’ paper route and made the first of several investments in the O-Zell soda company. It was because of the O-Zell Company that the Disneys moved back to Chicago, where Walt was able to take art classes, and, at his father’s urging, started to work at O-Zell’s washing jelly jars, pulping apples and packing cartons. In 1920 The O-Zell Soda company went out of business, but it was brought back to life in 2014 with all proceeds going to the restoration of Walt Disney’s Birthplace Home.

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