Karina (Tips & Tricks) – Mobile Legends

This guide will explain everything you need to know about Karina in Mobile Legends. It will provide you with all the tips and tricks to play the game with Karina. 


Karina’s passive states that after she continuously hits a target, she deals true damage on the third hit.

You can trigger her passive after two stacks. 

First skill

In her skill 1, she enters elusiveness and becomes immune to all basic attacks for 3 seconds.

She also speeds up by 35%.

Her next basic attack will cast an elusiveness state and deal extra magic damage with critical damage. It also slows down the target by 40%; it lasts for 2 seconds. 

Second skill

Her second skill enters an elusive state and becomes immune to basic attack for 3 seconds.

She also brandishes her double swords and deals magic damage to surrounding enemies.

Kill, or assists will reduce her second skill’s cooldown reduction by 60%.


Karina rushes to a target and deals massive magic damage.

It resets her ultimate CD when killing an enemy and assists reduces it’s CD by 80%.

Tips and Tricks:

You can do this trick to kill jungle creeps a lot easier. 

You have to be careful with your positioning when you do this. If you guys didn’t know, magic worship is one of the best emblems for assassin mage because this helps you to deal more damage.


She does not have much combo since he relies mostly on his 1st skill and ultimate. But here is a quick combo.

Combo: 1+ ultimate + 2  

Combo: 1 + ultimate +2 

Build, Emblem and Spell

You can use the mage emblem. Make sure to max out boots for fast rotation.

Also, magic penetration helps you to deal more damage.

For a talent emblem, you can use “magic worship”. 

You can use this build, and it will work perfectly most of the time. 

Since the meta change, “retribution” is recommended if you are a jungler.

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