Luhua Landscape Quest Guide – Genshin Impact

In this guide, you will get to know that complete the Luhua Landscape Quest in Genshin Impact.

Once you have the quest, you will need to go to the location as shown on the map below. And you will find a single ruin guard near the Warp Stone.    

After getting there, you need to go to the bridge first to find a little gold shimmer in the corner. It will be the first one out of the two. 

The next one is located near the other wrap stone, as marked in the figure below. 

When you go to the location, you will find some supplies out there. You have to get down by the bush, and you will find the second one.

After getting the second one, go back to the quest giver, and he will give you the other section of the quest. You have to find stones. You can find one to the north of the quest giver.

The next one is located on the northeast side, as shown in the below map.

And the other one is just near to the last one. 

After collecting all of the three, you need to get back to the quest guy. Near the quest guy, you will find two statues, and you need to climb these statues to the top. You have to put the shiny rock near the face hole. It will open the elemental trigger. 

You need to have an earth guy jump down and use your magic that will start a fight. You have to fight with three wizards and beat them within 90 seconds.

After the fight, the gate will open, and you have to go in there. And you will find the treasure chest right in the centre of it. You will get some bonus rewards for your effort. 

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