Mega Man X DiVE Tier List 2023 (Best Weapons)

Mega Man X DiVE is an action shooting game designed for mobile phones. The player will take the role of a legendary hero and equip different weapons to take on the irregular data. You can customize the positioning of the buttons according to your need. You can download it for free from the Google play store. 

Sniper Buster and Purgatory Machine Gun are the best-ranged weapons in the S tier. Tier S’s most lethal melee weapons are Crimson Scythe and Doom Blade. The S tier weapons are the best ones in the game, and you can use them to provide maximum damage to your opponents. 

The most prominent ranged weapons in tier A are Howling Storm, Air Buster, Berserker GreatSword, and Twin Fangs, the best melee weapons in tier A. The tier A weapons are not as damaging as those in the S tier.

Ion Rifle and Gatling Gun are the ranged weapons ranks in tier B. Beam Rapier Elite Lance is melee weapons in tier B, and they are just average weapons. 

The ranged weapons in tier C are Energy Cannon and Wind Pressure Buster, while Standard Saber is a melee weapon. These are some of the worst weapons in the game. 

Table of Contents

    Tier S


    Sniper Buster
    Purgatory Machine Gun
    Gravitational Pulse
    Biochemical Buster
    Electric Current Spray Gun


    Crimson Scythe
    Doom Blade
    Demon Blade Muramasa

    Tier A


    Howling Storm
    Air Buster
    Aqua Buster
    Destructive Laser
    Shooting Dragon
    Beam Machine Gun
    Jet Vortex Buster
    Boomerang Blade
    Falcon Ballista
    Heart of Gold
    Savage Tusk of Thunder
    Atomic Disintegration
    Essence of the Abyss
    Napalm’s Head
    Turbo Cannon
    Cannon God
    Freezing Dominator
    Extraordinary Mortar
    Explosive Blower
    Pyro Executioner
    Glittering Spark


    Bereserker Great Sword
    Twin Fangs
    Ancient Relic

    Tier B


    Ion Rifle
    Gatling Gun
    Drill Head Cannon
    Arrow Buster
    Sonic Buster
    Shadow Blade Buster
    ROG – Hunter Buster
    Snowy Spray Gun
    High-speed Rifle
    Crushing Spray Gun
    Light Wave Cannon
    Heavy Blaster


    Beam Rapier
    Elite Lance
    Triangular Saber
    Festive Specialty

    Tier C


    Energy Cannon
    Wind Pressure Buster
    Burning Spray Gun
    Laser Rifle
    Gas Emitter
    Compressed Spray Gun
    X Buster
    Triangle Gun
    Military Buster


    Standard Saber
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