Rimworld Console Commands (Cheat Codes)

Rimworld is a very popular construction and management simulation game and it was originally released in 2018. This game turned out to be an instant hit. Rimworld is an absolutely amazing game, really worth playing it. The main objective of the game is to play your best role in surviving the people of your colony. The game play is very immersive and offers you to build a farm, feed people, defend the opposers, learn psychic powers and much more. This adds to the replay element of the game and forces you to play again and again. Rimworld is a top rated game of the genre of its kind. 

The cheats code in the Rimworld game are designed to alter some of the game features. You can enable the god mode, pause the game, view settings and perform some more action within the game by using the cheat codes. 

To use the cheat codes, click the Options button from the main menu and then tick mark the Development Mode. You will be able to use the cheat codes.

Rimworld PC Cheats

Save translation reportThis cheat code will generate a report of currently loaded language date in the game which translation is missing
AutopauseThis code is used to toggle the autopause option when an error is logged.
God modeThis is a toggle code that is used to enable or disable the god mode. When it is enabled, you build structures instantly at no price and research.
InspectorYou can see what is happening in the game by using this code.
Debug logging menuThis cheat code will display the debug logging information.
Debug actions menuThis cheat code is used to spawn the items and pawns, execute the events or to kill the pawn,
View settingsThis is a toggle cheat code which is used to enable or disable the fog of war and snow visibility.
Package editorYiu can edit the game data while the game is running by using this command.
Debug logDisplays the errors if there is any.

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