Secret Places – Roblox Work at a Pizza Place

This guide will provide you with new glitches and secret places in Roblox Work at a Pizza Place. 

Secret places:

This one is very famous, like most of the secret places in the game.

There is a fun room to spy on others, but you need to watch out for that. 

Secret underground place

You will need a car. Ride in the car and make your way to the water. 

Make sure to enable detailed water in settings.

The entrance is here. Here you go, it is a very big place to have fun with friends. 

Secret island (1) 

First, you will need to find a car. If you have high graphics, you will see the island. 

If not, you will not be able to see it. You have to go in this direction, as shown in the image below.  

You will see a roof; this is the island. 

Secret island (2)

Here again, you will see the island only with the high graphics. 

Go in this direction, and you will find a wall this time.

Here is the island.

There is also a secret cave out there. 

This chest will give you 1k cash. 

You can also do mini parkour. 

Useful glitches/tips:

Delivery glitch

You will need a car for this.  

You have to go to the designated house and place your car just next to the door, as shown in the image below.

Ring the doorbell, and then press E.

You will immediately go to the car. This glitch saves you a lot of time. 

And this is how it looks when you do it fast. 

Cooking tip: 

You can make cheese pizzas even if they are not ordered and add pepperoni or sausage to them.

You don’t have to be on the break in your house. You have to make your way to the supplier’s building. 

Take a box and go to your house. Just click the box to have the supplier’s job!

Cashier tip:

The advanced mode is faster than the normal mode, but it is more difficult.

There is also a glitch in the normal mode. You have to click in the bubble (don’t press E), answer and walk away to end the chat. 

It should appear, now you can take multiple orders at one time. Sometimes, you don’t see what the customer wants, then move the camera a bit. 

Pizza boxer Tip:

Instead of boxing like this, you can put the box directly here. Put pizza and close it; the box goes in automatically. 

Funny glitches:

Delivering a burning pizza, close the oven and quickly click on pizza (long click). After the oven closes, you need to drag the pizza. 

You can see that the pizza is cooking, even outside the oven. But don’t open the oven, and wait a few seconds. 

Here we go. You can box it and deliver it.

Grappling hook flying glitch:

You have to hook your friend (and your friend hook you) simultaneously, and this happens. 

Super Flying glitch:

You have the hand spinner and igloo. Unfortunately, these objects were limited; you have to place them next to each other.

Sit on the hand spinner and press E. 

And now you are flying. It is going very, very fast. 

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