Stalker Rifle in Halo Infinite

This guide will let you know why the Stalker Rifle is very powerful in Halo Infinite, and it will provide you with all the advantages of the Stalker Rifle. 

It takes three shots from the stalker rifle to kill a spartan, two shots to damage the shields, and one final shot to the head.

However, it will take five shocking shots if you do not land any headshots after the 2nd shot.

Sadly, it is the only banished weapon that does not have extra melee damage.

This weapon excels at picking off low shield targets and harassing enemies from far due to its having two scope ranges.

It’s very good in objective game modes where players run long distances at a slow pace, just enough for them to get picked off.

The stalker rifle has a slightly faster kill time than the battle rifle.

As well as having bigger ‘Bullet’ sizes, This is likely due to them technically being projectiles.

You can use the Riffle like the ‘DMR’ from previous Halos, where you take your time hitting the shots.

There is also the misconception that the stalker rifle is a powerful weapon, but this is not true.

It is the somewhat polar opposite to the commando, where you can unload a 20 round clip.

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