How to Beat ULP in GTA 5 Online Criminal Enterprises

This guide will tell you how to Beat ULP – Cleanup EASY Mission in Grand Theft Auto 5 Online Criminal Enterprises DLC.

To attend this mission, you will need to make sure that you have plenty of armor and snacks.

Section 1

First, you have to go to the control room because you have to drive the helicopter. You will find a guard who is taking a nap, you have to kill him.

There are two reasons that you should kill him. He has a minigun, which you need to get as this gun will be very helpful in the later stages. And you need to have a lot of armor which you will be getting from him.

You have to make your way to the alleyway and spot the fuse locations. While finding the fuse, you will find another guard standing in the corner, you have to kill him.

Continuing through the corridor, you will find another guard on your left, make sure to shoot him as well and again pick up the minigun ammo.

You will find that all the guards are sleeping, so it is the best time to kill them as in the later stages of the mission they will wake up and can create a lot of difficulties. So you need to kill them while they are sleeping. By killing all of them, you will be getting a lot of ammo that will be very helpful in the later stages of the mission.

Section 2

In this section, you will find the first guard in the doorway in front of the security checkpoint.

There will be the last guard as you go close to the red door. He is on your left side, open the door and kill the last guard.

Once the power is on, you can make it through this red door. After entering, you will find another guard on your left, you have to shoot at him.

You don’t need to worry about bumping into them and making a lot of noise as they all are deactivated and they will not detect you.

There will be another two guards, as you get out of the red door you have to take the left and take it all the way up to the stairs.b Keep following the path, and you will find one of them in the middle section.

Then moving forward, turn left and you will find the second one. After finding both of them, you need to kill them.

Section 3

This section is not interesting as you have to simply hack two different servers. You can do it by going to the servers and putting your phone on them.

As soon as you hacked the second server, two guards will spawn. You wait till the first guard moves up the stairs. Take cover behind the servers here and make sure that your body is mostly covered on the left. In this way, the guard will not be able to hit you and you will easily knock them off.

For the next two servers, you don’t have to worry you will simply hack them but in the case of the 5th and 6th servers, you have to kill some guards. There will be two guards, you have to trigger them until you make your way to the stairs. As soon as you take the last step on the stair, the guards will be shown on the mini-map.

You have to move yourself according to the best suitable position on the mini-map to knock them off. You will find the one closest to the downstairs, but the next one is a little further away which requires a little bit of caution and movement. You have to be very clever as if one of the guards sees you he will start shooting at you. In this way, there is a chance that your health will be depleted.

Once you kill the last guard, you need to make your way back to the red door from where you entered this area and start shooting at these red doors to open them.

You have to wait as a guard from the right side will come to you obviously you have to kill him. There will be another guard behind the checkpoint, make sure that you also knock him off.

After that, make your way to the next area, and there will be a crate on the right. You have to start shooting as there might be a guard inside it.

There will be two guards on the right side who will start shooting at you. So you have to keep on the left side to be safe and knock them off by shooting at them in a cover.

As soon as you finish killing them, start making your way again through the corridors and keep a close eye on the mini-map to see any guard coming your way. After killing the all guards, make your way to the last corridor and exit the silo by taking the elevator. When you exit the elevator you will find a helicopter and you have to destroy this helicopter by shooting at it.

Once this helicopter is destroyed, then you have to jump and open your parachute

After that, one more helicopter will come shooting at you. You will need to destroy that helicopter.

Now go down to reach the ground and take a bike from that location.

You can go to the location in advance by escaping from the Clifford mercenaries. If you are lucky, there will be only one or two mercenaries left. You can shoot them, as it will be saving a little bit of time.

Once those guys are dead, you can simply stand or maybe walk a little bit closer to the guy there. Here the presto mission is completed.

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