Starbound: How to Find ‘Floran Clues’

Scanning floran objects is a difficult task, and a lot of people are confused about this quest. They are wondering where to go, how to start, what to find, and even most people don’t know what floran is. This is exactly what happened to me when I was new to the game. The guide is nice and easy and I hope you will find it useful.

The first thing you need to do is when you receive the quest, go to your ship, fly somewhere else and don’t just stand on planet earth because there is no floran here.

When you reach the ship, all you have to do is sit on the chair. A menu will pop up and it will tell you that you have zero fuel. Don’t get discouraged of that because you can still travel even with zero fuel for some reason. Now you have to zoom out the menu and you will see different planets.

You can see two tiny yellow planets on the left; one of these planets is starting to go off, therefore, you aren’t supposed to go on any of these planets. The planet you are supposed to go is on the right side at which the red arrow is pointed in the picture. I don’t know the exact name of this planet, but you need to go there. Once you click on this planet, it looks like earth; it tells you all about stops, descriptions and all that. This planet has four areas where you can possibly find florans that you are looking for. You need to go to exactly that area where they keep lots of florans, scan all objects and take what you need: obviously, you will have to fight some aliens, but other than that, it is a very simple quest.

It’s time to travel, and here we are.

The planet looks like a forest, and this is the area where you are going to be finding florans. Here is how the floran base should be looking like.

When you finally arrive here, you need to scan everything you see because there are chances that you will get florans also at unusual places. So it is better that you scan everything. Here is a floran, and see how he is following me.

Here you need to scan all the stuff, and while you scan, if the scan meter finds something, it will go up. Since we have found one floran, you must be happy now because at least you now know what it looks like.

Here is the next phase of the quest. This place looks like a green tunnel because there are green lights everywhere.

Here you need to scan the rest of the stuff, and then you can go back upwards. Keep in mind that whenever you receive special abilities, like double jump, make use of it to the maximum extent. I would also recommend that when you are upgrading your abilities, try to upgrade sprint and jumping first more than anything else. This is because when you are stuck somewhere and the only resort that can save you from this is double jumping. It also has one disadvantage: it uses lots of energy, but as you know energy goes up again pretty fast.

We have left the green tunnel, and now we are moving towards its left.

Here, I recommend that you move by sprinting because in this way you will be able to get things much easier and much faster. I should remind you again that this is quite a normal and plain place, there is no need to worry, and there is no danger here at all. All you have to do is follow the tracks, and keep on scanning items until finally, you get a floran.

There are also different places on the way where you will find the mobs; instead of indulging in those distractions, you need to move ahead and focus on your task which is finding the florans. But, some mobs are very dangerous and harmful; they will attack you right away when they see you. So it is advised that whenever you see such mob, avoid it at first, but if it still attacks you, then fight and show the devil what you are capable of.

Here is another floran

Whenever you see a guy like this, understand immediately that this is a floran. And this is how the florans look like by the way. Now when you find a floran, you scan it and you come to know the things that it is carrying. So let’s scan this floran that we just found.

When you scan the floran, the table of items will look like this

So, this floran is carrying a medic military backpack. You can check the worth of this backpack, and you can also check what it is supposed to do, I mean, the exact purpose of this backpack. When you move along, you will find a statue.

Once you scan this statue, you will get this option that the quest is complete.

As you move on, you will find some more guys, and when you scan these guys, you will find that these are carrying some mechanic tools. You can also hire these people as your mechanics. There are still lots of places left to scan, and you can scan as many places you like depending on how many florans you want.

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