Sup – How To Get Unlimited Coins & Energy

If you want to get unlimited coins and energy, you have come to the right place. Go through the guide and you will also learn how to unlock every car skin in the game.

You will need to be Jialbreaken and you will need Filza. Once you have installed Filza, go ahead and launch safari. Open the link below and click on Download.

Here click “Open in Filza”.

Inside Filza, you’ll need to install the .DEB and respring when it’s finished. There aren’t any settings to configure, so once you’re back at your home screen you can launch the game. Once you launch the game, you will notice a small red circle in the middle of the screen.

As you can see, unlimited coins and energy.

In the garage, you’ll also have every skin for every car (Must Unlock the card on your own).

Note: You have to double-tap the red circle to open the mod menu and enable everything. Upgrade something on your car for the unlimited coins to appear and start a race to get the energy to change.


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