The Ultimate Cars Guide – Cyberpunk 2077

Set in 2077, the futuristic Cyberpunk world boasts a wide variety of Cars; players can choose from. Night City has everything from downright terrible lumps of metal to slick, high-powered sports cars. Players are spoiled for choice, and this comprehensive guide ranks all thirty-four vehicles, weighing their strengths and weaknesses. Without further ado, let’s jump in!

Mahir Supron F3

Right at the bottom of the list sits the Mahir Supron F3. A shoddy minivan serves as a prime example of preferring necessity over style. This terrible hunk of metal barely qualifies as a vehicle and it is one of the cheapest in the Night City. For those unlucky players looking to purchase it, it can be bought for $16,000 eurodollars from Muamar Reyes in Arasaka Industrial Park. The official description of this car describes it as a “guillotine combined with a meat grinder.”

The Supron F3 has solar panels on the roof for a cheap weekend getaway to the Badlands. The minivan registers a measly 110 Horsepower and, surprisingly, a top speed of 140 mph. It’s very clunky to drive and incapable of turning corners. The braking and manoeuvring of this vehicle are terrible, and outside of Night City, it’s just atrocious. Wouldn’t wish this minivan on my worst enemy.

Thorton Galena

The cheapest vehicle in the game, the Thorton Galena, can be acquired for just $13,000 eurodollars in Little China. The economy car of the 2030s underperforms on every metric possible. A big shoutout to CDPR and the developers, who have paid great attention to detail, deliberately making this car’s exterior and interior look battered, rusty, and substandard.

The Thorton Galena has an external rust issue and signs of damage inside the car. It has a pathetic 86 Horsepower, with a miserable top speed of 120 mph. With another attention to detail, players can hear its anaemic engine audibly groan when they hit the top speed. The only good thing about this car is that players can drive as recklessly as possible, hitting everything, and it won’t look any worse than it is already.

Villefort Columbus

The Villefort Columbus serves as a popular Night City transit van, primarily transporting cargo from one point to another. It has inferior specifications and can be obtained from Dino Dinovic for a reasonable $19,000 eurodollars at a Downtown garage. For this price range, it gives us lousy acceleration and handling. It features 210 Horsepower, with a top speed of 132.

The Columbus does have a cool feature; players can stash unconscious or dead bodies in the back of this van. The other positive is that players can climb atop its roof and reach hard-to-reach perches. Before selling us the van, Dino explains that this van was previously used to smuggle drugs, so leaving the doors and windows open might be a good idea.

Thorton Colby

The Thorton Colby resembles the typical family car in the 2000s, with plenty of boot space, average acceleration, and a horrendous colour scheme. It is quite slow to accelerate, has a top speed of 136, and has 182 horsepower. Manoeuvring it around corners is a nightmare, and the handling could be more comfortable.

Annoyingly, this car requires a Street Cred level of 25 to purchase it and can be obtained for $18,000 from Regina Jones, with the car parked in a parking lot in Northside, Watson. The car’s design style is Kitsch, preferring style over substance which explains the lack of control and terrible driving experience.

Archer Hella

The Archer Hella is the first car you can drive in Cyberpunk 2077, owned by V. The Archer Hella was produced between 2023 and 2038, making it one of the oldest cars in the game. According to the lore, the manufacturers did a good job, and many customers never needed to repurchase another car, as seen in 2077. It’s from the Entropism era, where the car’s functionality was preferred over everything else.

The car gets wrecked in the “Human Nature” quest, and V is without a car for three to four days until it gets repaired. This iconic car has a white wolf bobblehead on the dashboard, a clear homage to The Witcher’s horse “Roach.” As an entry-level car in Cyberpunk 2077, it performs exceedingly well, with a Horsepower of 225 and a top speed of 138. This car serves as the first taste of a driving experience in Cyberpunk 2077. It’s nice to know that there are worse cars than this in Night City. It means that your driving experience can get worse before it gets better. A protip: Don’t buy cars preceding the Archer Hella on this list.

Makigai MaiMai

The Makigai MaiMai instantly springs into the mind when talking about small cars. This tiny car seats two and has been designed by embracing the Entrophism ideology: functionality above everything else. This little lump of metal can be bought in vibrant red for $22,000 from Wakakko Okado and is parked on the sidewalk in Charter Hill, Westbrook.

Despite sounding like a cocktail, it’s anything but, as this smart-car clone has 126 Horsepower and a top speed of 138. Its size is a cause for concern, as all other cars look gigantic standing next to it; even the motorcycle seems to rival it for its size. Its door opens upwards, like a Delorean, intending to save space.

The Makigai MaiMai rivals the Archer Hella as it matches its top speed despite being half the size of the Hella. It’s an exciting car to ride, inviting the laughter and jokes of enemies when they will see the most feared mercenary in Night City stepping out of a red mini-car.

Thorton Mackinaw MTL1

A pickup truck that drives like a f**king boat, according to Muamar Reyes. The Thorton Mackinaw MTL1 can be obtained for $33,000 from Muamar Reyes in Arroyo. It boasts a horsepower of 420, which upon a driving test, proved to be inadequate to climb the trash pile on the outskirts of Night City. It has decent acceleration and a top speed of 145 on paved roads.

Its handling and manoeuvrability were quite shoddy, and the golden words of Muamar Reyes were proven right when executing sharp turns or driving on bends. The results were the same in the Badlands, with its weak suspension unable to handle the rough desert terrain. Driving downhill is very accessible and comfortable.

Villefort Alvarado Delegate

The flashy mob boss car, Villefort Alvarado Delegate, is the preferred vehicle for villainous characters in Night City. It has problems gaining acceleration, looks awkward while turning, and boasts 407 Horsepower, with its top speed capped at 151. It has a stylish-looking interior, sporting digital displays, leather upholstery, and a sleek interior design to complete the feeling of a luxurious vehicle.

This car is about making a statement, signifying power and wealth while having two additional wheels which serve no purpose. The Villefort Alvarado Delegate is the ideal car for those who like flaunting their status and wealth. It can be purchased from Sebastian Ibarra for $39,000 in The Glen. It also requires a Street Cred of 20. The game’s description sums it up aptly “You don’t ride in a Villefort Alvarado; you cruise in one.” Get this vehicle if you like showing off and vain in the futuristic world of Cyberpunk 2077.

Thrax 388 Jefferson

A neo-militaristic vehicle, the Thrax Jefferson is supposedly a powerful car. It can be obtained from Sebastian Ibarra in Wellsprings for $34,000 eurodollars. It’s a heavily built car with a single purpose. Protect the driver inside from all sorts of attacks. With 388 Horsepower and a top speed of 152, this heavy set car will thrash and set aside any vehicle in its way. It’s advertised as bulletproof, but a short drive in the Arasaka Industrial Complex shot down that dubious claim.

As a Neo-militaristic vehicle, it prefers packing substance over style, evident in how this car can bulldoze other cars off the road with relative ease. It has an inferior acceleration and can’t cut corners sharply, shrinking its reputation as a great car destined for great people. For its protection, the car has bulletproof plating and glass, aiming to reduce passenger damage. The only positive with this vehicle is ramming the traffic of Night City out of your way.

Cortes Valor

Another executive car, the Cortes Valor, is one of the preferred cars used by Corpos. This car packs a punch with 333 Horsepower and a maximum speed of 151. It’s available in the pink and white colour palette, reminiscent of Homer Simpson’s iconic vehicle in the Hit & Run game. Like other Corpo executive cars, it feels sturdy and powerful, but the handling and manoeuvrability are atrocious.

The Cortes Valor is designed to be driven around slowly; executing sharp turns is beyond its scope. Alternatively, using the handbrake on turns is a nightmare, spilling the car into a 180-degree flip and grinding you to a halt. It can be purchased from Sebastian Ibarra for $28,000 eurodollars from a parking lot north of Cannery Plaza in Wellsprings.

Thorton Colby Butte

A superior variant of the classic American family car, the Thorton Colby Butte is a vastly different and premium version of the Thorton Colby. This car is infinitely better than its predecessor by removing the additional boot space and turning it into a pickup truck. With the maximum speed still capped at 140, the Horsepower is upgraded to 235. providing this car with far better acceleration.

It also has an All-Wheel drive mode, significantly boosting its handling and turning. This variant also does exceptionally well transversing the Badlands, save for one or two steep hills. The Lime Green variant can be purchased for $25,000 in Rancho Coronado from Muamar Reyes, who highlights that it can be used to transport bodies, but the ragdoll mechanics of the game make it quite difficult.

This guide recommends getting the Striped Red and White variant for free by completing the side-quest “Dressed to Kill.” This quest involves heading to a movie shoot in Rocky Ridge, aimed at promoting the Thorton Colby Butte but is attacked by the Raffen Shiv, leaving you to find the dead bodies of the cast and a nice, free reward in the shape of a Blue and White striped Thorton Colby Butte, waiting for you.

Thorton Galena “Rattler”

Players who have chosen the Nomad V as their life path will undoubtedly be familiar with this iconic car. The Thorton Galena “Rattler” is the first car Nomad V starts with before arriving in Ight City. A better version of the regular Galena and a better starter car than the Archer Hella, Nomad V has to dump this beauty before coming to Night City. Fortunately, it can be retrieved later on in the game.

This car only appears if players have chosen the Nomad lifepath. To retrieve it, players must ensure that their Street Cred is above 15 and will receive the quest “These Boots are made for Walkin.” In this quest, V will venture out to Badlands landfill, where they’ll find the Rattler being repaired by a woman named Lana. Players will have three dialogue options: V taking his car back without paying anything, paying $100, and, lastly, gifting the car to her.

The second option is more appropriate as the unmodified Galena costs $13,000 eurodollars. The Rattler has 294 Horsepower and a top speed of 166. Being a nomad car, it’s ideal and modified for traversing the Badland’s rough terrain. It’s superiorly better than most of the paid-up cars in this list and is one of the three cars to feature a wolf bobblehead on its dashboard. The car’s only weakness is that it’s only available to players with Nomad as their life path.

Archer Quartz

The regular Archer Quartz can be acquired from the Ebunike Docks for $31,000 from Regina Jones. It looks like a Delorean, with 220 Horsepower and boasting a maximum speed of 166. The Quartz variant could be more proficient at manoeuvring corners, crashing whenever at high speed. According to the game’s canon, they make up for 17% of all road accidents, despite being only 2% of all registered vehicles.

The car’s interior is bang average, having nothing of interest inside the vehicle. According to Regina Jones, its sold by an enthusiast who had to sell this car to pay for his divorce fees. To purchase this car, players need to have a minimum Street Cred of 12, and it’s a good mid-range car to own, considering players don’t mind crashing into corners now and then.

Emperor 620 Ragnar

A modified SUV, Emperor Ragnar, can be obtained from the Corpo Plaza for $38,000 eurodollars. Despite being big and bulky, the handling of this Corpo SUV is surprisingly decent, with 529 horsepower and a measly top speed of 124. Commonly used as a security vehicle by the wealthy Corpos, an upgraded variant is used by the NCPD for critical situations.

It’s not the fastest nor the best SUV on this list, but the sheer enormity of the vehicle lends it the title “King of the Highway.” This SUV is proficient in ramming other vehicles and pushing them away, making it ideal as the first vehicle in a motoring battering ram. The size of the Rangnar also allows players to climb atop the vehicle and reach those hard-to-reach spots in Night City.

Quadra Turbo R-740

A Kitsch sports car, the Quadra Turbo R, was manufactured between 2055 and 2074. Its sleek cerulean shape resembles Lamborghini and Ferrari’s early sports car models. Based on the Kitsch ideology, the car makers have focused more on style than substance, which is evident when players get behind the steering wheel. It boasts 480 Horsepower and the maximum speed clocked at 183.

Its acceleration is quick and handles well at fast speeds, with one major drawback. It has a certain weakness against corners, with the slightest adjustment sends it spiralling out of control. Partly, the reason is its V8 engine being overpowered for such a small frame. It can be purchased from Wakako Okada for $69,000 in Charter Hill. The price range is expensive but fitting, considering it’s a sports car.

With enough practice and the frequent usage of brakes, accomplished players can tame this fiery beast and one day manage to control it. A popular and bonafide badass car, it won’t be available for long periods. Still, this guide recommends getting another variant of this car for free, which is covered further up this list.

Thorton Mackinaw “Beast”

Players completing “The Beast in Me” street races will undoubtedly be familiar with Claire Russel’s Beast. The Thorton Mackinaw “Beast” is a modified variant of the Thorton Mickinaw, with Claire upgrading it massively to transform it into a bonafide street racing vehicle. It’s acquired for free after following Peter Sampson and forfeiting winning the last race. Regardless of saving Peter or letting him die, Claire will become disenchanted with racing and will gift the beast to you.

It’s miles better in every aspect than the regular Mickinaw, with 560 Horsepower and max speed topped out at 164. Its acceleration is exceptional, considering the size and weight of the vehicle, and it outperforms the regular Mackinaw. Unlike other sleekier pickups, this car has another unique advantage.

The Beast is heavily armoured and can easily withstand intense combat scenarios without a sweat. Considering vehicular combat is coming soon to Cyberpunk 2077, the Beast may lag in speed but will surely stand its ground, and more based on sturdiness and damage were taken.

Thorton Mackinaw “Saguaro”

Another variant of the Mackinaw, the Thornton Mackinaw “Saguaro,” is an awardable vehicle acquired after completing all nine gigs for Dakota Smith. Entirely identical to the Beast variant, this car sports flashy yellow bars on its rear side. Both variants are almost indistinguishable, with identical statistics of 560 Horsepower and a maximum speed of 164.

The primary reason for choosing this car ahead of the beast is sentiment and aesthetics. The beast is acquired because Claire chooses to quit street racing, and the car comes with a debt to its former owner. Morally, it feels wrong to wreck the beast, considering the hard work and modifications put in by Claire. Secondly, the Saguaro spots yellow bars, which gives it a much sportier look, and the vivid yellow paint on its tires makes it look more aesthetically pleasing than the beast.

Villefort Alvarado “Vato”

The exceptional Villefort Alvarado “Vato” is easily the most fly and dashing car on this list. An exciting upgrade to the Delegate variant, this one sports an open-top convertible while retaining the luxurious style with two additional wheels. It’s a must-have car for car enthusiasts. Its gold and red palette combines nicely with the Latin decals, delivering a stunning statement. With no back doors, the only feasible way for passengers to get in is to hop in and slide across into the rear seats.

A dazzling status symbol, the Vato feels like something from a rock music video, belonging more to a museum than Night City’s crime-ridden streets. Additionally, the Vato can be acquired for free as a quest reward from the “Beat on the Brat: The Glen.” This car can be won by defeating Cesar Diego Ruiz in a fistfight, who makes the foolish decision of putting this beautiful car on the line. Having won the match, V can keep the car and his money, keeping the car but giving the money to Cesar, keeping the cash and returning the car, and leaving both the car and the money to Cesar.

The car sports an impressive 407 horsepower and a top speed of 152. The car is modelled after the Kitsch theme, preferring style over substance. The only reason to obtain this car is to show off in true Cyberpunk fashion. Go hard or go home.

Quadra Type-66 “Jen Rowley”

A Type-66, Quadra “Jen Rowley” is the lovechild of American patriotism and the Ford Mustang. Strongly resembling a Ford Mustang, it sports a flashy orange paint job with the Confederate flag on the car. Even the name “Jen Rowley” is a pun on ‘General Lee,’ the same iconic car on Dukes of Hazard. It’s the most inferior Type-66, boasting 666 Horsepower and a top speed of 185.

Additionally, it’s also the cheapest Type-66 in the game, and there’s good reason for it. Despite most Type-66s exhibiting excellent handling on the road, Jen Rowley needs to improve on corners and overall manoeuvrability. It handles quite clunkily and is a nightmare to steer smoothly, owing to the overpowered Horsepower of the machine. The Jen Rowley previously belonged to a gang member, who lost control (no surprise) and slammed into a Corpo.

It can be purchased from Muamar Reyes for $52,000 in Rancho Coronado. Those looking to exhibit patriotism and Kitsch style should opt for this vehicle, despite its terrible manoeuvrability.

Thorton Colby “Little Mule”

The Thorton Colby “Little Mule” is a tuned and upgraded version of the Thorton Colby. A Nomad car through and through, this Colby has CrystalDome for glass and extra armour all around the car, making it ideal for traversing the Badlands. The upgraded Little Mule stands out from its predecessor, with an insane horsepower of 369 and a top speed of 189. Moreover, it is also one of the best value-for-money cars players can buy in this game. Costing a very reasonable $35,000, it can be acquired from the Sunset Motel in the Badlands.

It’s ideal for longer journeys across the Badlands, with its additional armour protection ensuring players get to their destination in one piece. It can withstand sandstorms, gunfights, and bumpy and rocky terrain and is a favourite among Nomads. A friend of Dakota’s found this variant in a ditch, and the Aldecaldos patched and tuned it up to survive and thrive in the Badlands. The whole car aesthetic is very Mad Max-esque, with Entropism being the defining ideology, scrapping style for necessity and substance. However, ironically, it still looks very well-designed and easy on the eyes.

Thorton Galena “Gecko”

The third evolution of the Thorton Galena, the “Gecko,” is red and green painted, upgraded Galena. The colours mirror that of a gecko and have Crystal Dome for windows, installed for privacy and safety. It’s a Nomad car sold by Dakota Smith for $41,000 in the Eastern Badlands. This Galena is designed for the desert, handling the uneven and crevices-filled terrain better than any car. It has good handling and handles jumps and leaps well with its sturdy suspension.

The Gecko sports an impressive 365 Horsepower and a top speed of 187. Plus, it has sharp acceleration and Crystal Dome equipped for extra protection. The database entry notes, “Folks in the wasteland used to laugh at the sight of a Galena, but no one’s laughing now.” This description is a testament to the damage this Gecko can withstand. The Gecko handles and shows its prowess better in the desert than on paved roads.


The sentient A.I. vehicle, Delamain, needs no introduction for those who have played Cyberpunk 2077. Delamain is a sentient A.I. cab service introduced in ‘The Heist‘ quest, essential at the quest’s beginning and end. The Act 2 of the story opens up with a mass of Delamain side quests as some A.I. cabs go rogue. The Delamain cab is available to acquire after completing all the Epistrophe quests and the final Delamain quest.

The conscious personality of the acquired car will depend on the options chosen by the players in the final quest. There are three options, Excelscior, Delamain Jr., or the original Delamain. The original Delamain is the most interesting personality; with its original memory wiped out, it reverts to having philosophical dialogues with V and makes for fascinating car rides.

The Delamain cab, once acquired, sports 333 Horsepower and a top speed of 155. As experienced in ‘The Heist’ quest, this car can withstand tough combat scenarios, making it an ideal companion for cruising through gang-infested areas of Night City. The upshot of this car is the striking and stimulating conversations Delamain has with V.

Quadra Type-66 “Cthuhlu”

The Quadra Type-66 “Cthulu” is named after HP Lovecraft’s most famous and feared entity, a terrible and great sea monster who drives anyone to insanity, those who dare to look at it. This Type-66 variant belongs to Peter Sampson. It sports a matte black exterior and a dark and dominating interior, living up to the mighty beast from which it borrows its name. It sports a top speed of 185 and a horsepower of 666. Its acceleration is terrifyingly fast, although the inability to turn at high speed remains a dominant issue.

This mighty beast of a car can be obtained in one of two ways. The first option is to let Peter Sampson die in “The Beast in Me” quest. After 5-6 days, Regina Jones will sell it for a steep $76,000 eurodollars. The second option is tricky, but importantly, players can acquire the car for free. At the end of the”Beast Within Me: Santo Domingo” quest, V has to select the following dialogues when talking to Claire.

  • You sure it was murder?
  • Sorry Claire, but I can’t help.
  • Okay, I’ll still drive. But only to win.

After selecting the right dialogue, in the quest “Beast in Me: The Big Race,” V has to keep up with Sampson’s car and follow it when it becomes too damaged and leaves the track, forfeiting the race in the process. Keep following him until Peter crashes the car, and V gets out of the car with Claire to confront him. Please select the following dialogues to keep Claire from killing him.

  • What’s he mean?
  • Wait, wanna hear this?
  • Claire, is that true?
  • Yeah. Let him go.

Choosing the right dialogue options will lead to Claire sparing his life. After 9-10 days, you’ll get the car as a thank-you present from Peter Sampson for saving his life. The car will be automatically loaded into your vehicle inventory. The above method is tricky but saves the players $76,000. The car can be used and driven to wreak terror and havoc on the streets of Night City.

Mizutani Shion MZ2

One of the best street-level cars in the game, the Mizutani Shion MZ2, is a sports coupe car with a five-cylinder engine and streamlined yet aggressive contours on its exterior. It combines performance while maintaining a low profile, making it a perfect ride for Street Kids. The Shion sports a horsepower of 482 and a top speed of 185. It has excellent acceleration and handles well but has one major drawback. Its road traction could be better, and it easily loses itself on sharp corners and tight bends at higher speeds.

It’s a Kitsch-inspired design, prioritizing style over substance, and the road traction of this variant sometimes makes it annoying to drive at top speeds. It’s quite easy to lose control, and the previous owner of this car had the same problems and passed away while utilizing the additional acceleration this car provides.

This car can be purchased from Regina Jones for $57,000 eurodollars in Little China. It packs more bark than bite, making it a perfect fit for Street Kids who like to show off rather than perform.

Archer Quartz “Bandit”

A Badlands classic, the Archer Quartz “Bandit” is an extremely fast car made for the rocky and uneven terrain of the wasteland. It can be obtained in one of two ways. Rogue can award you the Bandit if you don’t help Panam defeat Nash. Many players don’t prefer this option, as defeating Nash gives you the Widowmaker, one of the most powerful weapons in Cyberpunk 2077. The second option is to buy it off Dakota Smith for $69,000 at Rocky Ridge.

The Bandit’s interior looks slick and modern, while this two-seater feels slightly cramped. The Bandit sports a brilliant 364 horsepower, with a top speed of 183. in an ideal world, this car belongs on a rally course, as it can’t cut sharp corners to save its life. The Bandit has one disadvantage, and that is to pull off sharp turns at breakneck speeds.

Built with a Kitsch idealogy, the focus on style heavily affects its performance and handling inside Night City. Outside of Night City, this car is transformed into a regular roamer of the wastelands, and few cars will beat it on the rough and potholed terrain of the Badlands. It’s a Speed demon, but no Steer demon, that’s for certain.

Quadra Type-66 640 TS

The Quadra Type-66 640 TS is a basic variant without any nickname and isn’t the fastest in this list. It sports a top speed of 184 and a Horsepower of 555. But what it may lack in speed and power, it more than makes up for in handling and manoeuvrability. Out of all the Type-66s, the 640 TS records exceptional road traction and masters the ability to turn corners at speed. It sports a shiny look and resembles closely to a Ford Mustang.

It is unlocked for free after completing all of Dino Dinovic‘s quests in the City Center. This beautiful, classic car will be available later in the game. It’s worth the wait as it sports a classic, minimal design with much better handling, making this car one to look out for. It’s fresh air compared to ultra-modified, extravagant vehicles with poor and clunky handling. Players will surely appreciate that they can drive and not crash every 30 seconds when riding this beautiful and dazzling piece of engineering.

Quadra Turbo R V-Tech

Cyberpunk 2077 promotional material, exclusively pictured with V. It’s also the superior variant of the Quadro Turbo, with the game describing the difference between them as “the difference between a diamond and a chunk of coal.” Any player who sits behind the steering wheel of this insanely overpowered vehicle can feel the difference instantly.

It has a top speed of 190, not much faster than its base variant, but the real difference is the Horsepower, which is boosted to a powerful 740. The increased Horsepower gives the car an insane acceleration boost, propelling players to reach that top speed much quicker. The Turbo boost can be audibly heard when accelerating fully and will startle nearby pedestrians. Acquiring this car is relatively simple; players must complete the gig “Life’s Work” in the Glen.

It involves stealing a Thorton Colby pickup from 6th Street and returning it to Jake Estevez. The Quadra Turbo R V-Tech can be obtained by picking up the car from a garage in Rancho Coronado in the aptly named quest “Sex on Wheels.” The sheer thrill and excitement of accelerating the Quadra Turbo R V-Tech are unmatched, and players can attest to this incredible feeling.

Quadra Type-66 “Avenger”

The Quadra Type-66 Avenger is the epitome of speed and power. Its aesthetics are stunning, sporting a powerful black look shaped like a Ford Mustang; players will love this car. The interior is quite futuristic, and the red and black colour scheme makes one think about Batman and the Batmobile. It’s eerily similar to one in the latest Batman movie, in which Robert Pattinson stars.

It can be bought from the Corpo Plaza from Dino Dinovic, who sells this beauty for $75,000 eurodollars. The sleek black and grey exterior gives it a refined and sporty look from the back. The car screams sophistication from every angle, and Dino mentions, “you’d be lame not to buy this car.” It’s modelled after the Neo-Kitsch style, packing plenty of both style and substance, and the 777 Horsepower and a top speed of 190 are evident proof.

The insane amount of Horsepower gives it robust acceleration and impeccable manoeuvrability. It handles like a dream; for a brief moment, players will forget what it’s like to drive a Type-66 car. It corners excellently and is ideal for players tired of cars with strong engines and power but poor handling.

Herrera Outlaw GTS

One of the most powerful cars in Cyberpunk 2077 is the Herrera Outlaw GTS. This supercar adheres to the Neo-Kitsch style in a neat combination of style and substance. Manufactured between 2072 and 2074, canonically, there are only 1000 of these in the world and 10 in Night City. It features velvet and white colour leather upholstery on the interior with a hyper-futuristic console and steering wheel. The outer body is aerodynamically contoured and has a beautiful silver paint, giving it a car from the future vibes.

The Outlaw GTS features an all-wheel drive with a massive horsepower of 775, and its handling is superb. It corners like a mechanized robot at high speeds. Players driving this gem will encounter the best combination of speed and control this game offers. Given enough swaying room, the Outlaw GTS will manoeuvre any sharp corner effortlessly. With a top speed of 190, it rivals the Aerondight for its speed, power, and control.

It can be purchased from Dino Dinovic after acquiring a Street Cred Level of 30. He sells this beauty for $92,000 eurodollars. The price may be steep, but it’s reasonably low compared to the other hypercars on this list. This car stands out based on feeling like a real-life supercar with its real glass windows, exquisite interior, and sleek shape. This one is for those wanting a futuristic car of the future vehicles. Be wary that there are better places to take expensive cars on a cruise than Night City.

Quadra Type-66 “Javelina”

The Nomad variant of Type-66, the Javelina, is an insanely overpowered and armour-protected vehicle to be driven in the Badlands. It’s one of the best Type-66s, fully modified to survive and thrive in the desert. Its interior contains every piece of equipment needed in the Badlands, from Crystal Dome replacing windshields and windows to additional armour protection to withstand heavy damage. It packs an insane 1000 Horsepower and a top speed of 190.

It is one of the most powerful cars in the game, and its accelerating sound sends shivers down the back of enemies. Its handling and manoeuvrability are second to none, and it can easily win any race in the Badlands, hands down. The Javelina doesn’t lose road traction; handling is smooth, and it doesn’t swerve when cornered at high speeds. This car can be purchased from Dakota Smith for $99,000 eurodollars.

The car has been personally modified and tuned by her perfectionist brother-in-law, who polishes every inch of the frame and checks five times before tightening any screw. Dakota offers the car to V simply because she doesn’t want it to go to a stranger. In this guide’s opinion, the Javelina is the best Type-66 in the game based on stats and its Mad-Max appearance. Buying this car and traversing the Badlands will seem like a piece of cake.

Porsche 911 Turbo

The real-life Porsche 911 Turbo is the only vehicle in Cyberpunk 2077 that’s kept the same as the real-life 1977 version. Additionally, it’s also the oldest car in the game, having a ripe old age of 100 years old. The Porsche 911 is unique, being the only one running in Night City. The Porsche belongs to Johhny Silverhand, which players can acquire in the “Chippin’ In” quest. It involves getting the keys from Grayson and then unloading the shipping container to take the covers off to reveal this special beauty of a car.

The Porsche 911 Turbo sports a classic interior, with dials on the speedometer, and takes players back to the present in this future dystopian world. It has 296 Horsepower with a top speed of 190; it’s not the fastest, but it does accelerate beautifully. The Porche is compact and sturdy, useful for zipping across traffic, and its handling is superb. It sports an iconic appearance and elegantly stands out in the futuristic landscape. It was kept in cold storage for decades and is in pristine condition.

In the quest “Blistering Love,” if players take Rogue to this car, she’ll instantly recognize it as Johnny’s car, passing a comment that she has a lot of memories in this car. This comment alludes to the fact that Johnny and Rogue were dating, and this car frequently starred in their relationship. The Porsche 911 allows players to experience driving a classic car on the streets of Night City and should be obtained as it’s a free vehicle

Rayfield “Aerondight”

The Rayfield Aerondight is beautiful and sophisticated, guaranteed to make heads turn when cruising down Night city’s streets. Named after Sir Lancelot’s famous sword from King Arthur’s legend, this is also a homage to The Witcher’s iconic silver sword, the best in all three Witcher games. Like the sword, this car has a silver paint job and is long, royally manufactured by the British company Rayfield.

The Aerondight sports a futuristic, minimalistic, and sleek interior. With Crystal Dome equipped and superior design, it is the most expensive car in the game. Priced at $155,000, players can obtain this vehicle from Wakako Okado after getting to Level 50 in Street Cred. It boasts 950 Horsepower and a top speed of 190. Although not the fastest, the tremendous Horsepower enables the car to accelerate and easily overpower any vehicle in the game.

The car is exceptional, with only 4 models in Night City. The ambassador of Argentina previously owned the one sold by Wakako. It’s a car for the super-rich. Its stand-out feature is the Neo-Kitsch design it dons. A stylish combination of luxury and high performance, the Aerondight symbolizes extravagant wealth and power. Players obtaining this car will feel as if they’ve ascended the last rungs of the corporate ladder and have ‘made’ it.

Mizutani Shion “Coyote”

The best Badlands vehicle, the Shion Coyote, is a top-notch modified version of the regular Mizutani Shion. This all-terrain sports car will make traversing the Badlands a walk in the park, owing to its reinforced suspension, desert upgrades, and various modifications. The database entry defines its spectacular performance in the rocky terrain as “will cut through harsh terrain like a laser knife through butter.”

The Coyote sports 570 horsepower and a top speed of 199. With its brilliant acceleration and handling, this impressive vehicle will clock speeds of 180 plus on the uneven and rocky terrain of the Badlands. The car fully embraces the Entropism design, packing a lot of substance and performance while removing unnecessary features, effectively making it resemble a stand-out vehicle from the Max-Max universe. Even with its bare minimum stylish exterior, it looks insanely cool and immaculate.

The Coyote can be purchased from Dakota Smith for $77,000 at the Sunshine Motel in the Badlands. The game requires a minimum Street Cred of 20, which in all fairness, players will easily surpass by the time, this car becomes available. A free variant of this vehicle is available, but this guide recommends against it as it involves abandoning Aldecaldos’ quest line and severing friendship with Panam.

The free variant can be obtained by backstabbing Panam and ratting her out to Saul in the quest “With a Little Help from My Friends.” The red and grey variant is a gift from Saul. Players should buy the car from Dakota Smith and stay within the Aldecaldos questline, which gives us a lot of overpowered weapons and vehicles. The all-terrain Coyote is the premium Badlands vehicle, and it performs better off-road than most cars on paved roads

Rayfield Caliburn

The epitome of speed and performance, the Rayfield Caliburn is simply the best car in Cyberpunk 2077. This hypercar outperforms every metric from speed and interior to handling. It boasts a rip-roaring engine, handing out a ridiculous 1660 Horsepower, and with the fastest speed of any vehicle in the game, it clocks a max speed of 211. With a luxurious yet minimalist and sleek interior, the Caliburn rightly occupies the top spot in this list.

The Caliburn has insanely fast acceleration, the handling and manoeuvrability at top speeds are brilliantly intuitive, and the road traction is completely off the charts. The Caliburn’s sweet engine sound was recorded from a real-life Lexus LFA. The Caliburn resembles a Bugatti Veyron, and what’s more, it can be acquired for free after reaching 40 Street Cred and completing the Ghost Town job.

The free black version can be found in a tunnel in the Badlands during the ‘Murk Man Returns Once More Forever‘ quest. The tunnel is located south of where the Raffen Shiv hideout was, and after completing the prerequisites, the quest will begin near the location. Alternatively, players can buy a white and gold version from Dino Dinovic for the steep price of $127,000 near City Center Docks. The Caliburn is hands down the best vehicle in the game, and after driving it, all the other cars seem way inferior compared to this beauty. The Caliburn is the cherry on top of the cake and deserves its spot on this list.