Tips to Complete the Catalyst for the Manticore Exotic SMG

In this guide, you will get to know about the Manticore submachine gun and the exotic catalyst for this gun.

You can receive it for free or you can buy it in the battle pass season 19 or season of Seraph in Destiny 2. 

Step 1

To unlock the weapon and pick up the catalyst, the first thing you need to do is to open your map and go to the season section (Season 19). 

If you have a battle pass, then you can get it in level one. You don’t have to struggle for it.

Those who don’t have the battle pass, have to go to level 35. You can claim the catalyst at level 35 and start using it. 

Once you have claimed the catalyst, you need to go to the tower courtyard. 

On the right side, you will find the exotic symbol, you have to reach that symbol and then talk to Banshee. 

You will find the quest named “Volantes Violentiam”, you have to pick it up and open the quest tab.

After that, reconstruct the manticore’s catalyst by defeating the enemies with SMGs. The actual SMG is completely based around aerial combat and it floats in the air. You will find an anti-grav repulsor on the left of your screen. When you kill the enemy, the bar will increase. At this point, you can jump in the air, then the wings of your gun will come out and you will start floating in the air. 

While floating in the air, if you are killing the enemies, you will stay in the air for a little longer. You will notice that your repulsor bar is dropping while you are killing enemies in the air. To refresh it, you need to get kills on the ground. When you are on your feet and you are getting kills, you will find that the repulsor bar is increasing.

Step 2

You need to get the calibration data. For that, you need 200 in your collaboration data and defeat the targets. 

To complete the calibration data, you can use any weapon you want. Complete the nightfalls, gambit matches, or crucible matches. Win in the nightfalls, gambit, and crucible matches will provide you with more progression. 

If you go to the season pass and go through the rank 11, you will get the double rank progression, earned with the season exotic pass weapon catalyst quest and it will double the rewards you get with win and loss. 

If you go to level 22 in the pass, you will find the catalyst quest boose omega. It will quadruple the progression. 

It is highly recommended that if you have the season pass, then you have to wait to reach level 22 because it will unlock the maximum amount of progress. If you have a team or you are playing solo, try to do nightfalls, so you can get it quickly. It is a little different for crucible and gambit matches. Gabith matches take a little longer than crucible matches do. If you have a good PVE team, you can do pretty well in gambit matches and melt the bosses quickly. If you are an amazing crucible player, you can get the calibration data you need. 

For average players

If you are an average player, it is recommended that you play and complete the seasonal challenges. You will find the challenges for gambit and crucible players. 

You will level up your calibration data and it will help you to get the seasonal weapon or season weapon ornaments. 

If you are on the destinations, you must try to complete the powerful rewards and you will level up yourself. If you do the first 9 steps to complete the weekly story mission, you will manage to get 59% progress. For the targets defeated. If you use this specific SMG (Manticore Exotic) and you defeat the guardians in crucible matches, you will get good progress. But this will not be fun for those who do not play crucible or who do not prefer to use SMGs.