Tips & Tricks for Leomord Mobile Legends

This guide will let you know everything you need to know about Leomord. It will provide you with passive skills, tips & tricks, and Emblem & Build of Leomord in Mobile Legends. 

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    When enemies HP is less than 30%, Leomord will deal critical damage.

    Passive works with jungle monsters and creeps.

    Blade of despair is the best item to increase critical damage from passive.

     You can also use Berserker’s fury for the critical damage.


    First Skill:

    Leomord’s first skill gains a shield and deals damage at the same time. It also slows the enemies by 40%, which lasts 1 second.

    Second Skill:

    Dashes in any direction deal physical damage when you hit a target.

    It will slow down enemies by 30%, last 1 second. He can also dash through walls, the same thing when he is on his horse.

    Third Skill:

    He knocks back all enemies in the way and deals damage to them. Slowing enemies by 35% for 1 second and increasing Leomord movement speed by 60 points.

    When he uses the ultimate, it will increase his magic defense and physical defense. Beast killer is a good item for Leomord to increase both defenses.

    With 15 stacks, it gives 65 physical and 65 magical defenses in total. Most of the time, you can use it when going hyper-carry because it helps you farm a lot faster.

    Also, Leomord deals damage to all enemies in a circle area at the same time. With ultimate and passive, Leomord can deal a lot of damage with a basic attack. Leomord can also deal damage while he is moving.

    Endless battle and bloodlust is good item for lifesteal. 

    Fourth Skill:

    Barbiel leaps forward, dealing physical damage to an enemy, slowing the enemy by 40% for 1 second.

    Fifth Skill

    Leomord knocks back enemies dealing physical damage.

    Leomord has five active skills; that’s why bloodlust axe is a good choice to regenerate HP.

    You can also use endless battle for basic attack 15% lifesteal.

    Tips & Tricks

    You will need to make sure you don’t buy jungle items before you clear waves because you will reach level 2 after you clear waves. Also, make sure you don’t purchase jungle items before clearing waves.

    Because you won’t be able to reach level 2 after you clear the waves.


    Combo 1: ULT + 2 + 1 + 1 + 2

    Combo 2: ULT + 2 + 1 + 1 + 2 + 1 +2

    Combo 3: 1 + ULT + 2 + 1 + 2

    Combo 4: 2 + 1 + ULT + 2 + 1

    Emblem & Build

    You can use the assassin emblem if you are doing hyper-carry.

    Make sure to max out boots for fast rotation.  Also, penetration helps you deal more damage.

    For the talent emblem, you can use “Killing Spree”.

    If you are offlaner maxed out the physical and magic defense.

    Also Persistence.

    For the talent emblem, you will need to use “Festival of Blood”.

    “Retribution” is recommended when you are a jungler.

    You can use “Flicker” or “Purify” when you are offlaner.

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