Top Android Games To Tryout in February 2021

Android games are getting better with every month passing and it’s amazing to see the growth of the gaming industry. In this month, we have selected high quality android games that will help you in killing your idle time.

Game NamePlatformPriceLink
Forget AI-Novell & Puzzle GamePlayStoreFree
Rubberband Stan: Action AdventurePlayStoreFree
Tower Defense Games – GOLDEN LEGENDPlayStoreFree
Fuboos’ WoorldsPlayStoreFree
Kung Fu Master 3DPlayStoreFree
Swoop – Asteroidsy Space ShooterPlayStoreFree
Yatzy Scoring Card – Play YahtzeePlayStoreFree
Perfect Balance CollectionPlayStoreFree
Hidden Ball SortPlayStoreFree
Narrow RoadPlayStoreFree
Slide BlockPlayStoreFree
Shoot hungry zombiePlayStoreFree
WorDrag CafePlayStoreFree
Bump PongPlayStoreFree
Real Brick Breaker – Block Puzzle – Ball GamePlayStoreFree
Blix RebootPlayStoreFree
Knight vs PawnsPlayStoreFree
Distant MemoriesPlayStoreFree
Ninja Adventure RacePlayStoreFree
Zooger (Gurdjieff/esoteric visualizer)PlayStore$7.49
Future CorporationsPlayStoreFree
Flappy Virkill: blast and burst funny virusesPlayStoreFree
Floria Virtual GardenPlayStoreFree
Numerals: Math GamesPlayStoreFree
Dragons Hate DragonsPlayStoreFree

Forget AI-Novell & Puzzle Game

A short visual novel and puzzle that you can play in about 30 minutes to 1 hour. You will be the main character of the fictional short-short novel “Forgetful AI” and will have a strange and mysterious experience.

Rubberband Stan: Action Adventure

A high flying, city-slinging experience. A tour through the city of New York, NY, of the United States of America, one of the largest metropolitan cities in the entire World. Help Stan travel not by foot but, rather, by hand from Manhattan to Brooklyn up, over, around and through buildings and subway trains!

Tower Defense Games – GOLDEN LEGEND

Play the classic Tower Defense game in the world of Slavic mythology. Defeat three unique Bosses and save the ancient world. If you are a fan of the real-time strategy genre, then Tower Defense – GOLDEN LEGEND is definitely a game for you.

Fuboos’ Woorlds

It is a puzzle game in which each level consists of a new challenge, you must help the Fuboos to fulfill their mission, they need you on their adventure, either all or none are saved.

Kung Fu Master 3D

This is a story about a kung fu master who uses his skills to dodge rockets, mines, and bullets and destroying his enemies. This game is a visual treat to your eyes with an amazing environment that is procedurally generated so that it will never repeat and you are presented with a new and different environment each and every time.

Swoop – Asteroidsy Space Shooter

Swoop is a retro-style but not retro-faithful arcade game. It features one-finger swipe-and-tap controls, big sounds, whirling asteroids, icy comets, crafty flying saucers, and more …

Yatzy Scoring Card – Play Yahtzee

The Yatzy Scoring Card lets you track points for each player. You won’t need pen and paper anymore. It’s the perfect Yatzy Protocol. The total Yatzy score will always be updated. Use your dices and start playing Yahtzee with friends and family.

Perfect Balance Collection

Stack blocks and don’t let them fall off the screen. 380 levels! Can you solve all the puzzles? Contains all five classic Perfect Balance games with enhancements and two new bonus modes.

Hidden Ball Sort

Sort all the balls by color in the tubes. After a few moves, one random tube will turn black and you will not be able to see what is in the tube anymore.


RailCraft is a train simulation game which you can make railway environment on different carpets. RailCraft has puzzle levels in it you can gain new rails, environments, trains and carpets by playing those levels.


A dynamic twist on the classic game of Reversi, but with a set number of pieces which slide to attempt to surround and capture your opponent’s

Narrow Road

Narrow Road is an extraordinarily simple yet meanly addictive balancing game using your mobile’s gyro input.

Slide Block

Yes another game where you complete lines..Maybe it’s the OCD in developer’s mind or there is something spectacularly common in human mind that attracts our attention, like the light attracts a fly: We need to make order from chaos!

Shoot hungry zombie

Shoot hungry zombie relies on a bit of strategy and your acumen with playing the angles. Since the bullets ricochet, you must find the perfect angle and take out at least a couple of zombies per shot. Aiming your sights straight on just one zombie usually defeats the purpose, and with a varying amount of ammunition within each challenge, precision is pretty important. Once the zombies are exterminated, one to three stars will be given out based on the number of bullets used, and a certain number of score are needed to make it to the next level.

WorDrag Cafe

Do you love word puzzle games? Are you ready to discover all the hidden words? WorDrag is a quiz game where you have to guess the words, combine randomized letters to reach the solution.

Bump Pong

This tennis/ping-pong style game is all about reaction times, anticipation, and keeping the ball moving! ‘Bump’ the ball back to the other side, by holding down squares 1, 2, or 3.

Real Brick Breaker – Block Puzzle – Ball Game

Simply unleash the non stop balls when you’re having a stressful day. Real Brick Breaker is TOP 1 free-to-play bouncing ball game in Android market. Experience the best mind-relaxing game by clearing many levels!

Blix Reboot

This is my take on a classic game developed by Eric Zimmerman, Peter Lee and Michael Sweet, BLiX was the game that launched Gamelab the company. Blix was one of the few games that I tried to replicate(unsuccessfully) as a kid. After 6 years in the software industry, I have learned the skills required to build this game in 10 days!.

Knight vs Pawns

Every time the Knight moves to a free cell a new Pawn will spawned, if pawn count reaches 15 you will lose!

Distant Memories

Enjoy very long time grinding to enhance heroes and their equipment. Assign many heroes to various facilities to gather and produce items. Experienced heroes can work better then low level heroes.

Ninja Adventure Race

The ninja must run to survive the world of monsters. I challenge you to be the fastest of all. Train your ability to fight, jump and run. Be the champion of the world of monsters!

Zooger (Gurdjieff/esoteric visualizer)

Zooger allows the Android user to really see many diagrams from the Fourth Way, (it is a Gurdjieff/esoteric visualizer).

Future Corporations

Future Corporations is a hardcore business board game. It’s hardcore’ness is not in complicated rules, no. As in other economics board games you might know, you roll the dice and buy properties to gather a monopoly. The monopoly gives you a source of income and drives rivals to the bankrupt. Unlike others, the game balance and mechanics are done so that your skills worth much higher than luck: the brain wins the dice.

Flappy Virkill: blast and burst funny viruses

Anime game Flappy. The fast and easy version is relevant for our time. For those who are familiar with the original game, Virkill will seem very simple and even funny. The main advantage is gradual acceleration, zany and funny viruses that can be exploded and a cute Honey specialist who helps you choose drugs and a needle for spraying the vaccine. You will be able to treat as a medical specialist.

Floria Virtual Garden

Discover over 700 different floral elements, such as wildflowers, vases, fillers, ornaments and more. And, with monthly updates and holiday events, there will be always something new added to your collections.

Numerals: Math Games

Improve your skills with these simple and fun math games. Enhance your speed on solving different mathematical problems of different levels.

Dragons Hate Dragons

Dragons Hate Dragons brings you a simple and fast paced real-time strategy game. Pit your tribe of dragons against the other dragons fighting for control over an archipelago of sea stacks. Gather spells to give you an edge and expand your territory until you are the last dragon flying!

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