New year is finally here, and hopefully this year will be much better than the previous year, every month we release a list of exciting games but as this is a special edition so it contains some very special games that will keep you entertained for the whole year, we curated this list very carefully, here are the games:

Game NamePlatformPriceLink
Blo-Ball Soccer LiteiOSFree
Emoji MemoiOSFree
Rolling Ball FlyiOSFree
Taptical DroneiOSFree
Basketball Slam 2020iOSFree
Mech DungeoniOSFree
Brain CombatiOSFree
Astro WorldsiOSFree
Duelling TanksiOSFree
Shells CollectoriOSFree
Astral DefenseiOSFree
MuchoMucho: Heroes of the DeadiOSFree
All Star RocketiOSFree
Asterings: Space Hoop RushiOSFree
Rituals: Book of SkogiOSFree
Hyperspace EliteiOSFree
Beach HavociOSFree
AR Snowland AttackiOSFree
Space OutiOS$0.99
Kid SandwichiOSFree
Doug FordiOSFree
Rainbow LoopiOSFree
Super Fancy Pants AdventureiOS$4.99
Deadly DigitsiOSFree

Blo-Ball Soccer Lite

For an simple, fun way to play football (soccer), pick up your handy straw and push your players to victory. Easy to play, difficult to master. Play against three level of computer opponent or with friends over your local network (Bluetooth also supported).

Emoji Memo

the classical memory game for iPhone and iPad. choose from a variety of different emoji-sets. play alone, against friends on the same device or using game center. play against the clock. try to unveil as much hidden couples as possible.


Let bouncing off the fireball at your paddle and destroy the Bricks! The farther you get, the faster the fireball will move and the more lives the bricks have. Catch the power-ups quickly with your paddle one, without losing the fireball. PowerUps help you play the game faster and with more fun.

Rolling Ball Fly

Let’s carry the ball to the goal within the time limit. Using a joystick, you can play with one finger. You can also roll the ball by tilting the smartphone.

Taptical Drone

Groundbreaking infinite tap flier, on a galactic rail with an ion-drive jet powered quad. Unlock ships and upgrade for missions, new primary, secondary and smart bomb weapons. Make your way through obstacles, mines and enemies.

Basketball Slam 2020

Basketball Slam 2020 brings the fun of 2v2, full-court mobile basketball. This zany and quirky arcade-style basketball features epic moves, high-flying dunks, and witty commentary that will keep you at the end of your seats. It’s basketball stripped down to its most fun and basic components which makes it easy to pick-up and enjoy.


Create and host your own question and answer Game Shows for fun and exciting Class Quizzes, Trivia Nights and Party Games! Mirror to a big screen for an exciting immersive TV-style gameshow experience that your live audience will love.

Mech Dungeon

Come down into the dark dungeon and knock mechanical monsters down. It’s a retro styled action RPG. Let’s power up by tons of items which are hidden in it, and go forward and forward!

Brain Combat

Our galaxy is under the peril of an artificial intelligence who wants to control the minds of every being by stealing their brainwaves. Planets are being attacked, and we need your intelligence to stop it. Your weapon is mental calculation! You can play a campaign in solo and competitive against AI

Astro Worlds

Intergalactic Space Shooter game made with Unity. Astro Worlds puts you at the forefront of a battle with space intruders. In this space shooter game, you will be faced an increasingly large number of enemies.

Duelling Tanks

A fun two player multi device head to head tank battle. Who is the best tank driver, and the best shot. Go toe to toe against your friends and enemies to see who come out on top.

Shells Collector

Walk though the beach and collect the beautiful shells, save in your pocket and improve your record, enjoy the ride!!

Astral Defense

Astral Defense is a tiny pixel art space shooter designed for mobile. Each wave randomly generated and endlessly scaling with difficulty. Collect power-ups and conserve special ammo for more troublesome Alien Vessels. Inspired by retro arcade classics such as Galaga.

MuchoMucho: Heroes of the Dead

Compete in real-time multiplayer. battles and control your hero in the. arena. Pick your favorite heroes, form troops and. discover spells!

All Star Rocket

The All Star players setup their cars for Turbo Rocket Basketball League. Play basketball with cars and a super ball!

Asterings: Space Hoop Rush

Tap anywhere to control and fly your space hoop. Make it hop and get faster with every bounce. Collect gems, use power-ups and hold the line – don’t touch anything!

Rituals: Book of Skog

SKOG is a secluded forest area, which locals have for centuries believed to be gripped by an ancient dark spirit. Every year thousands trek to SKOG in the hope of uncovering its mystery. Equipped only with the ‘Book of SKOG’ and amulets, how far will you go and what will you find?

Hyperspace Elite

Hyperspace Elite is a casual 3D space shoot-’em-up game where you pilot your ship and hyperspace to different areas in the galaxy to rescue Escape Pods and survive the enemy armada! Upgrade your ship’s armour and test your piloting skills against enemy capital ships with heavy firepower and save as many Pods as possible.

Beach Havoc

Attention all seals! The humans think they can take over our beach with their greasy suntan oil, oversized umbrellas, and dorky snorkel gear. They’d better think again! We’re armed with the most high-tec weapons that sand dollars can buy: pickles, watermelon catapults, water balloon canons, and more! If you see a human, you know what to do.


Mind The Gap is a simple arcade game where the aim is survival but at a relaxed and satisfying pace. Flow with the background track or listen to your own and just Mind the Gaps, collect Gwaps and activate power-us to survive.


Based on the vocabulary tests hosted on the website, this app contains the tests in an iOS app. All functionality contained in the website tests is available in these tests. English, German, French and Spanish. 40+ tests, 3500+ words and phrases. You can create, modify, and save 5 of your own tests of up to 120 words each.

AR Snowland Attack

“SNOW BALL FIGHT !”…..a fast-paced and fun way of getting active without giving up your mobile. Get yourself into an open space and step out of the real-world into Snowland. Move around in real space to explore an augmented reality world and use your ninja skills to dodge ultra snowballs, destroy the mini menaces and defeat the 150ft snowman.

Space Out

Space Out is the original mashup, a tribute to old school arcade games; it truly delivers that early arcade feel. It combines 2 classic game concepts, shooting invaders and brick breaking, into a unique and exciting retro experience. It’s a blast back to the late ’70s. Complete with all new 8-bit sound effects created with a MOS 6581 SID chip from the Commodore 64 and speech generated with 8kHz 8-bit allophones.


After my 8 year old daughter played the now very old games Frogger and Choplifter, she wanted me to create something that combined the two concepts, avoiding obstacles while rescuing people. After much thought we can up with Ducker.

Kid Sandwich

A unique memory game that’s guaranteed to make you hungry! Unlock ingredients as you play and use them to make the sandwich orders coming in from the big guy in charge – Sensei Sandwich!


“You wake up in a strange place called Spacescapes.. You don’t remember how you get there.. You don’t even remember who you are.. But you’re sure.. It’s time to.. ESCAPE”

Doug Ford

Download the new addictive “Doug Ford” iOS app. How well will you do with politics?

Rainbow Loop

If you need to relieve your stress level, Rainbow Loop is just the right thing for you!!! It is super simple and easy to play, so you will find no trouble to learn how to play this addictive game. In order to unlock some new skins, you simply need to collect as many shards as you can. The best thing is that this game is endless and you can enjoy it as long as you want!

Super Fancy Pants Adventure

Super Fancy Pants Adventure is a wild free-running adventure with buttery smooth platforming and a slick fountain pen! Super Fancy Pants Adventure is the culmination of a decade of perfecting the Fancy Pants adventures. For the first time on iOS, here comes Fancy Pants man!

Deadly Digits

Place your finger in the arena and avoid the spinning blades, spiked balls of doom, and sneaky spears! Play multiplayer against a friend using a single device as you try to outlast them and have them lose all 5 fingers first! No one around? See how long you can survive in the arena without lifting your finger or getting it sliced!

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