Some amazing games were released on the IOS store this year, but some of them were pretty boring, games with less reviews are a complete gamble to pay for, the game can turn out to be epic or just another boring game. That is why we have curated this list of some very interesting IOS games that will keep you entertained.

Game NamePlatformPriceLink
SSAR – Shield Shooter ARiOSFree
Alice Beyond WonderlandiOS$2.99
Shrouded CitadeliOS$3.99
Little White Rocket: Let’s flyiOS$1.99
Shaktimaan the battleiOS$0.99
Velocity BreakeriOS$0.99
Jump Kid RetroiOS$0.99
Fire AcrossiOS$0.99
Bingo for TViOS$0.99
Chinese Checkers – Dames ChinoisesiOS$0.99
Num FightiOS$0.99
Mahjong Solo+iOS$0.99
Play Perfect Video Poker Pro+iOS$19.99

SSAR – Shield Shooter AR

SSAR is a first person shooting game but in the AR mode. You can sit-down holding your iPhone or iPad as a multi-function weapon to shoot in the virtual world.

Alice Beyond Wonderland

Discover and solve the extraordinary mysteries from the magical kingdoms beyond the incredible Wonderland, Find where the evil red queen banished your friends, gather clues about their whereabouts, and solve multiple puzzles to rescue them once and for all to get them back to their home in Wonderland.

Shrouded Citadel

Shrouded Citadel uses augmented reality to transport the player to a new environment that allows them to move through this virtual world while actually moving through the real world. Ideal play-space would be a park or large yard.

Little White Rocket: Let’s fly

Little White Rocket is an atmospheric and minimalistic one touch game set in a beautiful and mysterious world. In this relaxing game, you set off in search of home, travelling through a calming adventure with easy-going puzzles together with narrated poems.

Shaktimaan the battle

Time has come to protect the city from the evil powers of goons. Shaktimaan, India’s first super hero has arrived to protect the world from all sorts of crime. Shaktimaan is the creation of the group of saints Suryanshis so as to save the humanity from all sorts of evil. He gained all sorts of super natural power from the famous Kundalini Yoga. He conducted the ritual of death and gained the superpowers by entering the holy fire and totally immersing his whole body in it. His hand-to-hand 3D fight with the famous goons like Vajra, Sorpeto, Mrityu, Kelvish, Commando is the game all about. Based on virtual reality, once you start playing this game you will enjoy each and every level of it. With the increase of each level the power of Shaktimaan increases. Each fight will help Shaktimaan to boost up and be more energetic. The last level of the game will take you to the highest level of excitement. This is the boss fight between Shaktimaan and Mrityu, the most powerful goon of all.

Velocity Breaker

Velocity Breaker, the best breakout game for Apple TV is now the best breakout game on iOS. With realistic physics, power-ups, puzzles, challenging levels and a soundtrack by Philos Records, Velocity Breaker provides hours of entertainment. TWO GAME MODES! – Play survival to see how long you can last against an onslaught of bricks, traps and power-ups or play campaign to unlock new levels. Glass shatters, metal clangs, and lasers ricochet. Open gates and avoid obstacles to beat each level. With new levels added regularly, survival mode and high scoreboards to climb, Velocity Breaker provides hours of “breakout” fun with a modern twist.

Jump Kid Retro

Help the girl get her kid back, maybe you can win her heart? Jump on enemies to kill them. Beat the boss at the end of each world.


Find out in Powerless – The Interactive Doomsday Simulator. Explore London after a catastrophic solar flare plunges the city into darkness and renders all electronic devices and transport useless. Try and keep your Personas alive as you face the elements without help from the digital world.

Fire Across

The excitement of 1980s computer and arcade games is brought back from the past in Fire Across. It is modeled after those early games, but uses modern touch and wireless remote control technology.

Bingo for TV

You can download the companion App for iPhone called Bingo TV Cards to play with the iPhone or to print bingo cards for free. You can use other smartphones and point to our website to get a virtual bingo card and play with Bingo for TV!


Memoreille is a game of patience and concentration for two to twelve quick ears, aged 6 years and up. Ten Swiss musicians have created thirty levels split in five different levels of difficulty. Discover 316 pieces of sound ranging from new music, to experimental music and improvisation – a playful world of sounds that challenges the memory and surprises our hearing.

Chinese Checkers – Dames Chinoises

Move your pawn (located in the bottom) into the opponent area (located in the top). the CPU will do the same. The first to have completed all pawn’s move have win !

Num Fight

Num Fight is a puzzle game where you must compete against the computer or another player to clear the board while scoring maximum points. You do so by strategically collecting green boxes to add to your score, and by forcing your opponent to take red boxes thus reducing their score.

Mahjong Solo+

Mahjong solo is a classic version of popular solitaire tile game. Simplicity and details has been crafted to the game as well as the ability to customize it. Many game options are available to meet the toughest requirements people might have.

Play Perfect Video Poker Pro+

Play, practice or get perfect hold advice on over 400 types of Video Poker games and over 1900 associated pay tables one might encounter in real casinos.

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