Top Steam Games To Lookout For in December 2023

Steam has over 30,000 game titles in it’s catalogue, most of these games are of high quality and around 15 quality games are released on a daily basis at Steam, so it’s close to impossible to try out all of them, if you’re looking for some new games to try out on Steam then this list might help you out, these games will keep you busy for a while.

Game NamePlatformLinks
Lotharus – Bacon, Ale & RepeatSteam
Captain PeglegSteam
Atlas ArchitectSteam
Axe CopSteam
Star ShiftSteam
A robot girl changes my life as a bedridden boySteam
Palladium: Adventure in GreeceSteam
Never BreakUpSteam
Our Hero! TwoSteam
Sep’s DinerSteam
Milkyway FunlandSteam
RevolVR 3Steam
Lamp ChronicleSteam
Ancient Worlds: EgyptSteam
Grow Big (or Go Home)Steam
Victoria Clair and the Mystery ExpressSteam
Happy New Year, Zeliria!Steam
Hotel RenovatorSteam
Chef. ChenSteam
Red RageSteam
Tale Of A WolfSteam
Billion BeatSteam
Fight For EdenSteam

Lotharus – Bacon, Ale & Repeat

A humorous RPG/Adventure in full 2D, filled with quirky characters, nasty dungeons, and lots of exploration!


Simpocalypse is a post-apocalyptic civilization simulator game, where you manage & lead your settlement to become a global empire!

Captain Pegleg

Captain Pegleg goes on a treasure hunt and tries to hijack a new ship to escape while his crew is…. doing absolutely nothing!? Captain Pegleg needs you to join him on this challenging journey. Help him find treasures and escape the island.

Atlas Architect

This is a game that will let you express your creativity and create a magical world. Every click leads to a new possibility and your only limit is your imagination. Atlas Architect lets you create a wide variety of worlds and maps quickly and easily.

Axe Cop

Fight all of the bad guys! Axe Cop and his team of colorful characters must go on an epic adventure, that covers his ten-year comic book history, to rid the world of all bad guys once and for all!

Star Shift

The year is 2357. Humans have explored the stars and colonized many worlds under the authority of the Earth Systems Alliance (ESA), a government controlled by powerful interstellar organizations. Embroiled in a civil war, the fabric of reality is not what it seems.

A robot girl changes my life as a bedridden boy

This game is a sci-fi romantic adventure(visual novel) modeled after the avatar robot cafe. Japan, circa 2040. Kanto lives in a residential facility for the severely physically disabled. One day, they meet a mysterious girl, Kanata, and their destiny changes dramatically…

Palladium: Adventure in Greece

In this game you will play as an archaeologist who is driven by a desire to find an ancient artifact. The hero will travel to Greece to solve riddles and avoid hazardous traps. But he is not the only one who wishes to obtain the treasure. Two other adventurers also arrive at the forgotten island.

Never BreakUp

Never BreakUp is joyful party game allows you to play alone or with friends. To help or trap each other,All depand on you ! No matter win or loose, Never BreakUp!

Our Hero! Two

Play in the shoes of 3 different heroes, each one with their skills and peculiarities, to pave your way through this new story of the funniest Hack and Slash of the world!


We have all heard the story of Santa Claus. But have you heard the one about the hustomte? Most homes have one and certainly all farms have at least one farm elf. They look like a small person with a long beard and pointy hat and live under your floor or in the attic and other nooks and crannies. The hustomte helps to protect your home from evil and misfortune and tends to the farm’s animals, as long as you remember to put out snacks. However, if you don’t, bad things will happen…


Hexia is a real-time strategy and management game, where your task, as the King of the Realm you have been assigned, is to create and expand the territory, build new infrastructures and command and lead your people.


a platforming adventure game where you work your day job, clean up your room, look after your plant, and so much more as you try to get by one step at a time. it is what you make of it, so make the most of it.


Challenge your friends to a chaotic race on procedurally generated levels. Never play the same track twice! Master tricky obstacles, find shortcuts and use an arsenal of different powerups. Experience a dynamic environment with moving blocks, water physics and changing weather.

Sep’s Diner

Welcome to Sep’s Diner, the new burger restaurant of which YOU are the Chef! Will it really become the best burger in town? It’s up to you now!

Milkyway Funland

Milkyway Funland is a collection of stunning, exciting, and fun VR games and experiences. The game takes you to the galaxy’s best amusement park in the 31st century. In this space station, everyone can try and experience incredible and impossible things from the past, present, and future.

RevolVR 3

RevolVR 3 is a single- and multiplayer casual shooter staged in the robotic version of the Wild West. Socialize with friends in the saloon, play mini-games and participate in fast-paced deathmatches versus people or bots!


Immerse yourself in an action packed battle against your friends to be the last one standing on top of the plateau. Outmaneuver your opponents as your favorite hero, using its special abilities in your own unique way. Topple your foes while not losing your step in a game that’s always on the edge.


Underponder is a first-person puzzle/platformer PC-game with a weird and haunting atmosphere, invoking feelings of being lost and alone while wandering in a strange “mindspace” only known as The Underponder.

Lamp Chronicle

Lamp Chronicle is an 2D platformer game that tells the story of a little hero who travels to save a kingdom in crisis. Defeat enemies against beautiful backgrounds and enjoy exciting battles with bosses.

Ancient Worlds: Egypt

Rewrite history and rule Ancient Egypt in this retro-inspired city-building game.

Grow Big (or Go Home)

Play as Bruce, the world’s most talented indoor gardener, in this 2D pixel-art indoor gardening simulator. Through 15+ fast-paced levels, you will travel to different locations and eras in order to water, light, and tend to plants with the high-tech magic of a watering can and a reflective mirror.

Victoria Clair and the Mystery Express

A murder has gripped the VIP section of a fancy train, and it’s up to amateur sleuth Victoria and her omniscient feline friend Hercules to investigate. Meet the witnesses, hunt for clues, and gather alibis in a world where no-one will help you with anything until you solve a puzzle for them first!

Happy New Year, Zeliria!

This is a New Year’s fairy tale and at the same time a small spin-off of the first part of the game Zeliria Sactuary.

Hotel Renovator

Build the hotel of your dreams! You’ll welcome guests from all over the world. Use your starting cash to rebuild and furnish as many rooms as possible. Create a place that smacks of the golden age, a new exclusive hotel. Get that 5-star review!

Chef. Chen

《Chef Chen》is a multiplayer cooperative game, where you can cook demons in another worlds with many stunts and enjoy foods with good friend together. The game supports up to 4 players, let’s work together to make delicious dishes!

Red Rage

Red Rage is a gory, wave-based zombie FPS with a unique art variety of maps and unlockable weapons, where the player’s objective is to reach the highest score before they die in order to unlock increasingly powerful guns.

Tale Of A Wolf

Tale Of A Wolf is a story driven, open world wolf adventure, that puts the fate of Sylvanna in your hands.Join forces with nature and expel man!

Billion Beat

Behold, Billion Beat! It’s a brutal boxing bonanza. Beat the bicuspids off a bevy of bizarre baddies. Be a badass and bet on your brawn to bag a billion bucks! Booyah, baby!

Fight For Eden

Fight For Eden is a fantasy action-RPG VR game where you will follow the story of a young orc enrolled to fight against the half elves’ oppression.

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