Every month around one thousand games are released on Steam and it is almost impossible for the gamers to try all of them, usually some very creative games are missed by the gamers that is why we have curated this list, all the games in this list are of high quality and will keep you busy for a long period of time.

Game NamePlatformLinks
Realms of EternitySteam
Ghostship ChroniclesSteam
Town Fall ZombieSteam
Rise Of Three KingdomsSteam
Prehistoric HuntSteam
Heidelberg 1693Steam
Desolation – End of DaysSteam
Pleiades – A Subversion Saga GameSteam
Dark BlocksSteam
BringIT to MOMSteam
Grid Fight – Mask of the Goddess – First BootSteam
Ninjas Busters: Whack A NinjaSteam
Christmas RhythmSteam
Shutter NyangSteam
Beat ‘Em UpSteam
BLASK 2Steam
Ghost BeatSteam
The Hunter’s Journals – Red RipperSteam
Line SimulatorSteam
Balloon BlastSteam
Discord Rich Me!Steam
Hand ShadowSteam


Necromancer is a fast-paced shooter set in an eldritch arena, where you will face an onslaught of horrors. Utilise Necromancy, powerups and weapons to annihilate your foes and survive as long as possible.

Realms of Eternity

Realistic physics based VR action RPG with realistic combat and stealth elements.

Ghostship Chronicles

Prepare to board the Heckel and Thomas as a Black ops CDF detachment who were sent to investigate the disappearance of the long lost colonization ship. Keep your team teammates alive to evolve more stories and stand a chance of survival with 3 different endings.


A retro-gameplay inspired 2d platformer focused on speed and rotation. Take control of the D.A.V.E. to save the people of a distant planet. Soarocity offers over 200 levels with an overall design philosophy that the levels are the characters.

Town Fall Zombie

Town Fall Zombie is an open world zombie simulation game. It’s a fun experience to turn the whole town into a zombie or to roam the city however you want and wreak havoc. Travel, Drive, Fight, Hold, Throw, Turn it into a zombie, Make a mess.

Rise Of Three Kingdoms

“Three Kingdoms” is a historical simulation strategy game of the Three Kingdoms. In order to make the product more detailed, we have read many historical materials such as “Three Kingdoms”, “Hanshu”, “Zizhitongjian”, “Xiandi Chunqiu”, and compiled more than 800,000 characters of information as this Reference for game design. In studying the details of the Three Kingdoms, we found many interesting things, such as Liu Bei has no beard, Jiang Gan, who stolen the book, is a handsome man; and Zhang Lu’s mother and rival Liu Zhang’s father have an unspeakable secret relationship… At the time, we tried our best to restore various details to the game, and strive to create a more realistic Three Kingdoms world for everyone.

Prehistoric Hunt

Prehistoric Hunt is a daring hunting adventure where the land is filled with dangerous dinosaurs. Be smarter than your opponent and score your biggest catches.

Heidelberg 1693

Black magic in the age of pike and shot! Reload your musket after every blast in “Heidelberg 1693”, a challenging 2D action adventure set in a dark and twisted vision of Germany in the late 17th century.

Desolation – End of Days

Desolation – End of Days is a side scroller fighting game. The game offers a fast paced, casual gameplay that puts players in a post-apocalyptic world where infection turned most of the population into a flesh craving monsters.

Pleiades – A Subversion Saga Game

The year is 2055, the United States underwent a full blown revolution and complete restructure in 2033 and things are just starting to settle down. The people have retaken control of the country which now operates on a politician-less, true democracy structure. During and after the fall of the former US Government, nothing substantial about UFOs or advanced programs came to light. Enter 22 year old Michael Tomlinson, he’s got a passion for UFOs and he knows there is more to the story than meets the eye. He heard that Pleiades State Park in Washington State was a great hot spot, so he decides to go investigate for himself. Play as Michael as you explore the park and surrounding mountains to uncover the deep mysteries shrouding the phenomena. Dark secrets and strange events unfold as you dig deeper and deeper for the truth.

Dark Blocks

PC game with 2D graphics. The player controls the bat and must remove all blocks from the level using the ball, which he must not miss. Each of the 36 levels contains one verse of motivational poems. Can you clear all the blocks and get all the poems?

BringIT to MOM

Begin ILL’s adventure. Help MOM to recover and save your planet. Find out two endings of the story. Go through 50 different escape rooms. Use a rope, roll, jump, fly, dive, bounce, collect galaxies and energy. MOM needs more energy. Bring it to her.

Grid Fight – Mask of the Goddess – First Boot

Negotiating the future of the world with the goddesses is not an easy task, especially if they are all fighting for the control of it.

Ninjas Busters: Whack A Ninja

When whack-a-mole meets Ninjas. Discover “Whack A Ninja”, an arcade-type indie game created by Chris Braibant. Beat all the ninjas in this intense, action-packed game, in the pursuit of the best score and sadistic pleasure of experimenting with all the ways to eliminate those cowled suckers.

Christmas Rhythm

This is a Chiptune Rhythm game for Christmas aficionados everywhere! Six merry songs with two difficulty settings. The easy mode has you controlling Rudolph as he collects candy canes to the beat. Hard mode will test your reflexes as Santa Claus tries to catch the snowflakes.

Shutter Nyang

Shutter Nyang is challenging Platformer Action game. The players play as the ‘Cat’ whom got separated from his friend, a little girl. Using mystical camera, create your own unique imagination to help the ‘Cat’ get back to his friend. Nyang! Nyang! Nyang!


Spaceslingers is a mind-bending gravity-based game, where the only obstacles between you and your goal are the most powerful celestial objects in the known universe!


IMPAVIDVM is a physics based platformer with puzzle solving components where you have to overcome increasingly complex obstacles, testing your abilities and observation skills.

Beat ‘Em Up

Beat ‘Em Up – game is a complete package of boxing and karate. The whole game is designed in a story mode that you will Have to fight against the gangsters of city by applying your boxing kung Fu skills. This kung Fu game is advanced type of fighting games. Beat ‘Em Up is in wait for you.


A huge and detailed, fully functional mad contraption. Fathom how on Earth you can bake some bread with it, or marvel at it’s madness. Upcyclepunk at its best.


BLASK 2 is a unique puzzle game where you control the environment in order to hit all the goal markers with lasers. More levels more mechanics more fun!


Challenge your friends and family virtually to our take on the classic Victorian game of Anagrams! Type in words to claim them from the pot or to steal from your fellow players. When all the tiles are flipped and no one can make another word, the player with the most words wins!


A shoot’em up game with bite-size levels about diving into the hole inside a giant meteor and stops it from crashing to the earth.

Ghost Beat

Ghost Beat is a rhythm based precision platformer.

The Hunter’s Journals – Red Ripper

YOU are a hunter; a man or woman of wealth and leisure who has turned their time to hunting the fiendish monsters that assail humanity. You have been selected to accompany an ambassador to the city of Roche Divine in the Sunlight Alliance. While he pursues trade deals in the high court, your job is to hunt down a Broadsheet Killer who is wreaking havoc in the Low City.

Line Simulator

Line Simulator is the newest virtual reality experience about standing in line with five exciting levels that will perfectly recreate some of your favorite line standing experiences. Leaving the house no longer needs to be an option, as you enjoy this high tech flawless recreation of standing in line.

Balloon Blast

Balloon Blast is an arcade style third person PvP game. You play as a robotic vacuum with a knife on the front and a balloon on the back. Pop your enemies balloons to secure victory.

Discord Rich Me!

Discord Rich Me! Is an application created by Varstep Studios that allows you to customize your Discord Rich Presence (RPC) quickly and dynamically. We offer several templates already predefined, but you can choose to customize it entirely in your own way using the “Custom Status” also available in the app (for that to be possible the user must have an application already set on the Discord Developer Portal and will be requested the ID).

Hand Shadow

Challenge your mind with puzzles that are based on optical illusions. Find the perfect position and angle by rotating the hands until order is restored, and discover a story of protagonist Morgan with professional voicing.


Scott Bowers has been mysteriously contacted by a young girl, who claims she’s being forcibly treated for “video game addiction.” Can he save the kids trapped in the behavioral center, and find out why he’s being targeted by the dark forces who run it? Inspired by true events.

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