Tropeognathus Guide for ARK: Survival Evolved

In this guide, you will come to know how to tame Tropeognathus for ARK Survival Evolved. Go through the guide and follow the step-by-step instructions to do so. 

Tropeognathus in Ark survival evolved the Tropeognathus is a new flying creature that is available in Ark survival became its new Crystal Isles map. While the animal itself is beautiful, it’s a large flying creature, and its saddle makes it unique, which turns it into a jet that shoots grenades.

You will find one near the coast because it says that their feeding grounds are near the ocean in the dossier. The exact location to find Tropeognathus is 78 latitudes and 28 longitudes. To tame a Tropeognathus, you’re going to need to have a ballista turret with chain bolas because you need to down this creature because it’s technically a passive tame.

Once you hit it with a chain bola, it’ll be down, and then you will feed it its favorite kibble. In place of that, you can also use raw mutton or raw prime meat because it is a meat-eater approach to the rear of the Tropeognathus, and if you’re on a 5 x server, you will do it quickly.

You have to reduce the server multiplier back to 1 with a unique kibble; you need to put it in the 10th slot. Press E, and you will get 57% which is quick. The problem with his team is that it takes a long time for them to get hungry again, and once the bola comes off, they will be mad at you. You have to be chained, bowling it over and over again unless you come up with a way of capturing it with some structure. 

Once you feed it that second exceptional kibble, you will have a Tropeognathus to call 

your own, and once you’ve tamed the Tropeognathus, feel free to hop onto the back of it because it doesn’t require a saddle to ride, it does have a saddle. 

In his stats, it has sort of meh health and stamina. It isn’t a fast fire but has good weight capacity; its attacks are kind of meh it has a basic chomp left-click attack. It also has saliva dripping right-click attacks, which you can use for fishing fish out of the water.  

You will need to go to level 65 in your engrams and unlock the Tropeognathus saddle. You can craft the saddle in a fabricator, so go into your fabricator and tap on the saddles tab. You’ll see the Tropeognathus saddle, which you will need to have crystal fiber hide metal ingots and polymer to manufacture.

Once you manufacture the saddle, you need to take it out of the fabricator and put it into the saddle slot of the Tropeognathus. It will revolutionize this creature because now it’s going to not only be able to fly but also it is going to become the jet fighter as well with a grenade launcher on its back. 

The saddle has a little heat shield to prevent the back of the bird from burning up. To use the jet, you need to add gasoline. On the lower left side of the screen, you can see a little icon for gasoline. You have to take and drag some gasoline into its inventory to enter jet mode.

After that, press ctrl on PC, and it will start jetting forward, and you will keep moving forward; even if you’re not pressing the forward key, you can then hold shift to go into a sprinting afterburner mode which burns more fuel. Press control if you wish to leave the jet mode entirely; the fuel burn is inconsistent. 

You can see a yellow icon that will tell you how much fuel you are burning; if you are sprinting and pointing down, you can maximize your fuel burn, which will burn as much gasoline as it can.

When you are sprinting, you are also consuming stamina. Tropeognathus can draft other flying creatures. If you are near another flier in any mode, an icon will appear on the bottom right that says drafting is available. You have to hold a spacebar, and you will get a speed boost, and it will cost no additional stamina or fuel. Another ability of the Tropeognathus is to perform a stall turn while in jet mode. 

To do it, press C on PC while in jet mode, and the Tropeognathus will flip around and start flying the other direction, but if your camera is still pointing the way, then it will confuse you, as shown in the image below.

To use the grenade launcher, take some grenades and place them into the Tropeognathus’s inventory and right-click by default on pc, and you will start shooting grenades at the front of it. And they do air bursts 30 or 40 meters away from Tropeognathus.

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