Underrated Trivia Games To Play On IOS Devices

Trivia games can be very helpful in increasing and testing your knowledge, you can find different types of Trivia games on the app store, there are thousands of trivia games but most of them lack in quality, we have tested hundreds of trivia games to find the most underrated trivia games to play, the games in this list will help you to learn something new in your idle time.

Game NamePlatformPriceLink
Quiz Game AppiOSFree
Gun QuiziOSFree
Password Party Game – KeywordiOSFree
Guess the SpotiOSFree
Dopeit – Trivia & DebateiOSFree
Quiz Danish Test your ready knowledgeiOSFree
Vocabulary Genius: Word TriviaiOSFree
Trivnow – Trivia NightiOSFree
Times Tables CowboyiOSFree
Jumbled PicturesiOSFree
Bongga Ka ‘DayiOSFree
Brain BoosteriOSFree
BlockShift RaceiOSFree
Trivia AfricaiOSFree
Harrys WholesaleiOSFree
Crossword Scanner: solve dailyiOSFree
Mental Math Challenge GameiOSFree
Puddle HoppingiOSFree
Just In Time: MathiOSFree
Bible QuizzeriOSFree
Space Words: Crossword PuzzlesiOSFree
Touch & ExploreiOSFree
Senate GameiOSFree


Watch the feature film Glia for Free (no ads) from within this app. Then you can try to complete the Glia Quiz. Get 22 out of 30 questions correct and you can watch an alternative ending to the film for Free. If you can not beat the Quiz just pay a small fee to watch the alternative ending.

Quiz Game App

Play wherever you are and answer different questions from some themes to achieve points and unlock trophies. Check your knowledge and prepare your self for the coming rewards.


Flagsplosion is a flag identifying endless quiz with over 650 current flags from around the world. Also featuring over 100 Training Levels, Practice Mode, Achievements and Leaderboards.

Gun Quiz

Test your firearm/gun knowledge by identifying firearms and answering general firearm related questions.

Password Party Game – Keyword

Keyword game is the fun, hilarious game to play with friends and family. Make game night more challenging and fun with this awesome app. Keyword is a party, card, trivia game that you can play with your friends in groups of 4, 6 or 8+. The goal is to have your partner to guess the keyword by providing only only a single word clue. Features more than 10,000 words

Guess the Spot

Guess the Spot takes you on a virtual tour all over the world. From big cities in the US to the Australian outback, from the fjords in Norway to the tip of South Africa. And maybe even Antarctica

Dopeit – Trivia & Debate

Be dope and take a shot. How woke are you? Does Stephen Curry have the most three point shots? Does Drake have the most followers? Test your knowledge and chill with your friends. Make the game your new crib. Visit the blog and give us your word. Gamers across the globe have a chance to compete for prizes.

Quiz Danish Test your ready knowledge

This is a fun ready-made knowledge app that will test your knowledge of Denmark. It contains several different categories you can test your knowledge in, e.g. History, Geography, Politics, Music and more.

Vocabulary Genius: Word Trivia

Vocabulary Genius is the best vocab word game on the App Store. Download Vocabulary Genius and learn new words, improve your vocabulary, and impress friends and family.

Trivnow – Trivia Night

Discover and connect with some of the best trivia hosts in the world hosting virtual and in-person events.

Times Tables Cowboy

Times Tables Cowboy is a homemade app developed by parents to help their kids to learn times tables in a funny way, and get agility with the mental calculation.


TriviaMatic brings people together to have fun! It a great destination activity for friendly competition at participating venues such as restaurants, cafes, and pubs. The TriviaMatic app is the perfect all in one solution for running Trivia events for both players and host directly from their iPhones. TriviaMatic is packed with sports, history, entertainment…plus art, science, current events, literature, and so much more.


Vevi combines activity, culture and technology into one experience. The game is educational and takes the player out into nature. The game is aimed at all ages but is specially adapted for young people and school children. More quiz maps will be installed in other areas in Västnyland.

Jumbled Pictures

Look at the jumbled picture and try to guess the word. Use hints to get letters or to unscramble the photo pieces. Stuck?, ask your friends for help. Look at the picture and guess the word in this easy to play app! If you like word quiz games and pictures games, than you’ll love this game!

Bongga Ka ‘Day

Game to be the most proud in the whole Philippines!

Brain Booster

Brain Booster is the best brain development app. This offers a complete training on all points: mental calculation, memorization and reflection as well as logic.

BlockShift Race

Try to reach the given color combination in the middle of the field by moving the blocks as fast as possible! Train your ability to quickly identify patterns and dependencies when moving the blocks with BlockShift.

Trivia Africa

Trivia Africa is an African quiz app with multiple-choice questions to test your knowledge of Africa!


More Than 200,000 questions With Pictures. Share question with images and votes. No Ads. Amazing Music. Real Time Vote. Report question.

Harrys Wholesale

How many variety of roses do you know? Play our Know Your Rose Trivia Game! Take a virtual tour of our selection of roses and get more information concerning our wide selection of flowers.

Crossword Scanner: solve daily

Use the amazing 4K live preview to capture accurate representations of your crosswords from magazines or newspapers. Import directly from the device gallery to use screenshots from your digital subscriptions etc. Always make sure you only scan crosswords you either own or are allowed to copy.

Mental Math Challenge Game

Become a master of arithmetic! It’s simple: You solve sums and we keep track of your speed and score so you can improve yourself. Challenge accepted?

Puddle Hopping

4 easy short (less than 10 mins) games with 9 topics. Learn about objects from the British Museum, discoveries in science, western literature, art, western classical music composers, movies, nature.

Just In Time: Math

Practice your math on the go and challenge your friends! Inspired by a mentor-mentee relationship, Just In Time: Math is a simple math quiz that allows you take quick, five-question math quizzes and share your results. This application is particularly designed to be used between parents and kids as a quick way for parents to check in on their child’s progress.

Bible Quizzer

Learn all about the Bible in this fun quick-fire quiz game! Answer correctly before time runs out, or it’s game over! Gradually improve your knowledge of the world’s most read book, and prove to your friends that you’re the ultimate biblical expert!


You will see colored circles for a few seconds. After that we show you all colored circles one after the other and you have to click on the place where the circle was placed first. Can you be faster than the countdown?

Space Words: Crossword Puzzles

Join the crossword puzzle game “Space Words”. Find hidden words by combining letters. Improve your vocabulary and spelling skills. Start training your brain today.


APPangea allows you to learn geography by playing, easily and competing with yourself and with others. The contents of APPangea have been designed by expert teachers who are convinced that geography can be taught in an entertaining, effective way and in accordance with the official curriculum.

Touch & Explore

We present unique application where your children can touch everything. It allows youngest kids to get the first glimpse of the world around them in a playful way and helps older children to study foreign languages. The current version supports three languages ​​for studying: English, Spanish and Russian.

Senate Game

Do you know the senators who serve in the United States of America Senate? With the Senate Game you can prove it! Drag the senators to their group to seat them appropriately. How many of them will you seat correctly?

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