Where Can You Find Chestnut Logs in Albion Online

This guide will tell you where can you find Chestnut Logs in Albion Online. You have to follow the steps carefully to find it. 

One of the quickest ways is by pressing “m” which will take you to your world’s map. Then start clicking on each zone right here but not on snowy mountain zones and sandy step zones. Because you will find nothing above tier 1 there.

Go to the zone map in its top right corner and you will see the type and tier of resources available in that zone. 

Chestnut logs come from chopping chestnut trees as they are tier 3 wood. So you will need to find a zone that has at least tier three wood.

The chestnut tree has brown bark and orange leaves. 

Some of the lower levels zones have been designed with tier 2 resources all along one side of the zone and tier three all along the other. If you are in any tier three zone and you don’t see any chestnut trees, then you must try to move to the opposite end of the map.

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