AC Valhalla Dawn Of Ragnarok Fidsthorp Light Puzzle Guide

In this guide, you will come to know AC Valhalla Dawn Of Ragnarok Fidsthorp Light Puzzle; follow the steps from the guide given below.

Two different aspects will give you access to a mythical arm and a book of knowledge. Go to the rear of the building and climb inside through the window on the second floor. 

When you get into the window, you will find a broken wall, so you have to climb up through the wall panel and make your way to the ceiling panel. When you get there, you will find a round beam object, and you will see that it is turned on for you. So you have to face the door, and then turn around and point the beam on the upper side, which will reveal a small area.

Now from the area, you need to pick up the rock, bring it back, and attach it to the top of the broken object downstairs, and then you have to press the triangle button from the controller to place it. After that, climb back to the upper story, and then you have to interact with the beam by pressing the triangle button from the controller. 

You will see that the beam will automatically change its direction, point out through the window, and interact with the other beam you already turned on. It goes in two ways, you can shoot an arrow at it, and it will lead you to the book of power. If you shoot it and face it the other way, it will take you to the sheet of armor.

Now you need to follow the path and go to the backside of the building, and there you will find another window, so you have to climb up and go through the window. Once you are inside, you need to connect the beam and make sure it is connected correctly. Now you need to lead it down to the final object, and then you have to aim at the door, and it will complete the puzzle.

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