All Challenges (Fast Track, HoboTron, Tattoo Parlor, Raids & More) – GTA Chinatown Wars

This guide will provide you with all the details about Fast Track, HoboTron, Tattoo Parlor, Raids, and other challenges in GTA Chinatown Wars. 

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    Fast Tracks:

    “Fast Tracks” is a checkpoint race involving target destruction. To successfully complete the course, get a bronze medal and $50, you will need to get your time at 40 second or under.

    To get silver and $100 you need to complete it at 20 seconds or under. And for gold and $200, you have to get it at 5 seconds or under.

    Completing the challenge, which means obtaining at least a bronze medal is required for 100% completion of the game.


    Hobotron is a survival challenge split into six rounds where you will be fighting off relentless waves of hobos.

    The player will be stripped of all weapons and be given three-time bombs that can be used to fend off the hobos. Additional weapons, health, and armor pickups will spawn in the game area as you proceed through the levels.

    In the first two rounds, the enemies will be unarmed and come with low health.

    A good tactic is to obtain the gold medal in the paramedic side mission before starting this challenge.

    This way you’ll be able to sprint in a circle tirelessly, let all enemies group, and place a time bomb or use the weapons collected to eliminate them. Your overall score is based on the money dropped by the enemies killed-anywhere from $1 to $20 each.

    As for medals, you will get a bronze for surviving the first round, silver for surviving three, and gold for surviving all six rounds.

    Starting from round 3 the enemies’ health will be higher and some of them will be carrying swords and molotovs. You have to obtain at least a bronze medal for 100% completion of the game.

    Tattoo parlor:

    The Tattoo parlor challenge requires the player to ink as many people as possible within a time limit.

    Although there is a time limit, it is fairly generous. So you have to take your time to avoid making a bad tattoo.

    You still need to be accurate because one bad tattoo will automatically end the challenge.

    Ten successful tattoos in a single sit will earn you the bronze medal, fifteen will get you silver, and twenty a gold medal.

    You have to obtain at least a bronze medal for 100% completion of the game.

    Gang Burrito Raids:

    After the mission Carpe Dime, you can hijack the gang Burritos roaming around the gang’s area.

    Once done, you will need to bring it to a secluded safehouse and retrieve the product hidden behind the door panel.

    This activity will allow the player to obtain a product to sell at zero cost for the maximum profit.

    After the mission Kenny Strikes Back, the player can also raid the Spanish lord’s warehouse to collect an additional load of product to sell.

    You can raid the warehouse every time you want, but with time, the van will end up empty.

    To make sure that you’ll be able to always collect something, wait two or three days between each raid.

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