All Untamed Magic Spells Successful Casts And Backfires in Sims 4

This guide will find all untamed Magic Spells successful casts and backfires in The Sims 4

In Fernie’s eighth rank, one apprentice-level spell will create a fire, and if you set a target sim on fire, it will not kill them. You need to set the target on the ground beneath them and set them on fire to kill them. 

You can also use the spell to light fires in a fireplace, and if you cast it while your sim is charged, you can make two fires. A backfire will set your sim on fire for a short amount of time, and it will not kill your sim, as shown in the image below.  

The second untamed magic is the ZipZap spell, a level one or apprentice level spell. If you cast it correctly, it will give your sim an electric shock, and if you are fully charged, you can shock multiple sims at once. You can only use this spell to break objects. 

You can unlock the Nacrocall spell at rank three, and you can cast this spell on a grave with an attached spirit and with this spell, you can summon the ghost instantly. If you fail to do it correctly, you can still summon their ghost, but they will start hitting you and leave. 

The Chillio spell is a rank three acolyte level spell and this spell will freeze the sim for a small period. You will need to be careful while using this spell because you will get frozen when it backfires. If you freeze another sim and want to change it back, you have to use the Fernie eight spell to unfreeze them. 

You can unlock the Minionize spell at rank 4, or it will be unlocked in a jet-level spell caster. If you cast it correctly, you can mind controlling a sim in which you can order them to sleep, make food, or clean your workplace. If you fail to cast this spell correctly, the other sim will get mad at you for two seconds, as shown in the image below.  

You can unlock the Dedeathify spell at rank five, or it will be unlocked on master level spellcaster, and the stub will bring a ghost sim back to life restoring their human form. If you are resurrecting a ghost sim, you first have to invite them into your household when they are ghosts. A backfire will temporarily turn your sim into a ghost, as shown in the image below. 

The Decursify spell is a rank five or master level spell, and this spell will let you pick one per store move from your sim. If you fail, your sim will acquire another curse; if your sim is fully charged, the cord off this spell will significantly reduce. 

You can unlock the Duplicato spell at rank six, or when you are a virtuoso spell caster, it will create a clone of your sim for a small period. If you cast incorrectly, you can command them to cook and clean, but if you fail to cast, it will create an evil clone, and it will treat you badly. 

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