Best 5-STAR Weapons You Should Try to Pull – Genshin Impact

This provides you with a curated selection of top-tier 5-STAR weapons that are highly coveted in Genshin Impact. The recommendations span across various weapon categories, encompassing swords, claymore weapons, polearm weapons, catalyst weapons, and bow weapons.

Whether you’re a melee enthusiast, a magic wielder, or prefer ranged attacks, this guide ensures you’re well-informed about the best options available for each weapon type.

Best 5-star Sword Weapons

1. The Mistsplitter Reforged sword is a high-based attack weapon and it gives 44% crit damage. Its passive gives an element damage bonus and it can be used by most of the characters. This sword has three stack levels and the element damage increases by 8%, 16%, and 28% respectively by obtaining these stacks.

2. Key of Khaj is the best sword for the supportive characters and it has amazing passive. The secondary stat proves you with 66.2% of HP. But it has a low base attack, so it is not useful for DPS characters. The passive also gives a 20% additional HP boost. When you use your skill, an effect will generate for 20 seconds that gives you element mastery according to your max HP. Three stacks also generate and your party members get element mastery as you gain their stack.

3. Primordial Jade Cutter has a low-base attack but its crit rate value and passive is quite universal. Its passive gives you 20% HP and an attack bonus based on your max HP. It has a 44.1% crit rate that allows you to focus on other traits.

4. Freedom Sword is very useful for team support. Its passives provide a 10% damage boost and also 198 element mastery. Whenever you perform an element reaction, you will get a Sigil of Rebellion effect. When you have two of these effects, it will increase your team attacks by 16%. Keep in mind that it lasts for 12 seconds.

Best 5-star Claymore Weapons

1. Beacon of the Reed Sea provides a 33.1% crit rate and multiple users can use its passive. Your attacks will increase by 20% for eight seconds when you hit the opponent using the element skills. This effect will trigger whether your character is on the field or not. If your character is shield-protected, then the HP will increase by 32%.

2. Song of Broken Pines is best suited for physical damage dealers. It has 20% physical damage and it has the highest base attack. The passive increases the attack rate by 16% and also increases the attack speed of party members when you obtain stacks. Song of Broken Pines boosts your physical DPS.

3. Redhorn Stonethresher provides 88.2 % crit damage but its passive is not universal. Its passive increases the defense by 28% and also boosts the attacks by 40%.

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Best 5-star Polearm Weapons

1. The Staff of Homa gives 66% crit damage. The passives provide 20% HP and an attack bonus depending on your HP. If your HP is less than 50%, then it will give you an additional 1% HP. Many characters in the game can use this weapon.

2. Engulfing Lightning is a signature weapon of Raiden, it offers high energy and its passive is also very helpful. Many characters in the game use this weapon. Its passive gives you a 28% attack boost and you can also gain a maximum bonus of 80%. You will also get a 30% energy recharge for 12 seconds after using the element burst.

3. The Staff of the Scarlet Sands offers a high crit rate of 44.1% and you will get an attack bonus based on element mastery. You will get the Dream of the Scarlet Sands effect for then seconds as you use your skills. It will allow you to generate three stacks and you will get an additional attack bonus.

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Best 5-star Catalyst Weapons

1. A Thousand Floating Dreams weapon gives 265 elements mastery that can be used by many characters. If you have the same element type as your team members, then its passive will give you 32 element mastery. If they have different elements, then you will get a 10% damage bonus. It also increases the EM of your party members and you can carry up to three stacks. This weapon is very useful for the reaction team combination.

2. Tulaytullah’s Remembrance has a high base attack and it offers 44.1% crit damage. When you use the skills of your character, the normal attacks increase by 4.8% every second for 14 seconds. It will increase your normal attack even more when you hit opponents. This buff will reset when you move your character out of the field.

3. Kagura’s Verity offers 66% crit damage and it has a high base attack. The passive increases your skill damage by 12% when you use your skill ability. You can gain a maximum of three skills and you need to use the three skills three times for this.

Best 5-star Bow Weapons

1. End Elegy for the End gives you a lot of energy and its passive is best for the team support. Its passive gives you element mastery. When you create its stacks, it will increase your element mastery by 100% and attack by 20%. It is the best bow weapon for the support characters.

2. Polar Star offers a 33.1% crit rate, and its passive increases the damage by 12%. The normal attacks, charged attacks, skills, and bursts create a stack for 12 seconds. You can create a total of four stacks.

3. Aqua Simulacra is a universal weapon and any character can use it. It offers an 88.2% crit damage and increases the HP by 16% and the damage by 20%.