Deus EX Mankind Divided Cheat Codes

Deus Ex Mankind Divided is an action role playing game released by Square Enix and this game turned out to be an instant hit. This is the fourth main installment in the Deus Ex series. The game story is based in Prague and it revolves around the human revolution. The Deus Ex Mankind Divided game offers world-building and quite enough material to get immersed. The dialogues between the characters and vast range of customization options makes the game even more interesting. It is the most popular game in the series with millions of players all over the world.

If you are short of credits, ammo or any other game feature/item, then you can use the cheat codes to reward yourself.

To activate the cheat codes, you need to add -hax0r to the command line of the icon for the game. Then edit user.ini in the system folder and change ‘Tilde=’ to ‘Tilde=type’, for all occurrences of ‘Tilde=’ . In game, press ~ then type any of the cheat codes.

Deus Ex Mankind Divided Cheat Codes

allcreditsThis cheat code will give you 10,000 credits.
iamwarrenYou can activate the EMP field with the help of this code.
augadd xxxx (xxxx being name of augmentation)This cheat code helps you to add augmentation by specifying the name in the syntax.
allaugsAll basic augmentations.
allskillpointsThis cheat code will give you all of the skill points.
allweaponsYou will get all the weapons after using this cheat code.
legendThis cheat code will open up the secret menu.
spawnmass shuriken 10This cheat code will create a horizontal line of flying knives forward toward the nearest wall.
allimagesYou can fill your image archive by using this code.
playersonlyThis cheat code will freeze everything except the player himself.
allenergyThis code will provide you with Full Energy.
allhealthThis cheat code will grant you with full health.
tantalusIf you want to kill your current target, then you can use this cheat code.
allskillsThis cheat code will level up all your skills to MASTER.
thereisnospoonThis code will enable the Matrix mode.
demoplay "name of demo"This cheat code will play a demo.
allammoYou can refill your ammo using this code.
open xxxx (xxxx being name of level)This cheat code will is used to skip to level by specifying the name of that particular level.
spawnmass lam 10This code spawns 10 lams right around you.
summon xxxx (xxxx being name of object)This cheat code will spawn an object.
spawnmass xxxx # (xxxx object name, # amount)You can spawn multiple objects with the help of this code.
demorec "name of demo"This cheat code will start recording a demo.
godThis code is used to trun of or off the God Mode.
invisibleThis is a toggle code which is used to enable or sisable the invisibility.
behindview (1 or 0)This toggle code enables or disables the Third-Person View.
walkThis cheat code will turn off the fly or No clip mode.
flyTurns on the Fly Mode.
ghostThis cheat code will turn on the No clip mode.
opensesameThis code is used to unlock the targeted panel or door.

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