Fallout 4: All Vault Locations

Fallout 4 contains vaults that are underground shelters, purposely built to provide protection from nuclear destruction. This game has 5 vaults and this article will serve as a guide to find and explore each of these vaults.

Fallout 4 has the following 5 vaults

1) Vault 111

2) Vault 114

3) Vault 95

4) Vault 81

5) Vault 75

Each of these will be discussed in detail:

Vault 111

The first vault that you encounter in the beginning of the game is vault 111. If you manage to make your way till here, you will remain safe and unharmed from the destruction that has been caused by the Great War. The survivors in this vault underwent a secret experiment while they were hiding here for refuge.

All the inhabitants in this vault were forced to step in a sterilizing pond that would enable them to move forward in the pond. The experiment was primarily conducted to analyze the effect of cryogenic hibernations on human beings.

You will find the following things in vault 111:

1) Wedding ring

2) Cyrolater

3) 10 mm gun

4) Pip-boy

5) Jump-suit

Vault 114

Vault 114 was designed to accommodate eminent political members from the government and their families. The sole reason behind its construction was to conduct an experiment on the dwellers. The inhabitants of the vault were supposed to stay with the elite members in the government. Whether certain people have managed to make their way to the vault in the allotted time or not still remains a mystery!

You will find the following things in vault 114:

1) Language bobble head

2) Stealth boy

3) Remarkable story magazines

4) Vault 114 suit

Vault 95

Accommodating drug addicts was the prime purpose of building this vault. Vault 95 would help the junkies to rehabilitate and protect them from the havoc of war. This plan wasn’t made without a purpose. It was usually done to isolate the addicts in order to prevent them from causing self-harm.

Also it is said that this experiment proved out to be successful and the majority of the victims managed to get rid of their addictions. Some of the residents believe that the vault was devastated after a drug stashed was found hidden here. Horrible carnage and blood shed caused the drug addicts to return to their initial conditions.

Things that can be found here:

1) Aluminum pot

2) Plasma gun

3) Big guns bobblehead

4) Large and destructive weapons

Vault 81

The predominant objective behind building this vault was to find remedy to every disease that human beings suffer from. All the inhabitants in this vault were living a peaceful and prosperous life, free from their drug addiction. Different experiments were conducted on the inhabitants by the scientists that were trapped inside the vault. Later the head of this vault Dr. Olivette made up his mind to activate the disease that had caused some serious suffering to the dwellers here. The scientists continued experimenting on rats instead of human beings trapped inside. Eventually, the scientists stranded in the vault, died a tragic death due to their old age.

Things that can be found here:

1) Taboo tattoos magazine

2) Syringe gun

3) Stealth gun

4) Mini nuclear bomb

5) Medicine bobblehead

Vault 75 this

This vault can be found beneath the Malden High School. Purpose of architecting vault 75 was to store children and prevent them from the damage caused by the Great War. The unspoken truth is that the children were made to assemble here while their families and adults were segregated and killed. Scientists in vault 75 wanted to make a group of intelligent and smart people.

What can be found here?

1) Fusion cure

2) Grognak booklet

3) Science bobble-head

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