Fallout 4 Settlement Tips

It’s a post-apocalyptic wasteland, so what is there left to do? Resettle and create your own nuclear chill zone of course. With customizable options and 30 different locations to claim for your new town there is a lot of work to be done for the Sole Survivor. Here are some tips to keep in mind while beginning your own settlement…

Making money

If you are looking to make some cash, utilize the bonuses that come with a settlement. Sell excess water and crops when they begin to pile up at your workbench. Trading posts can be created once you’ve cleared a settlement or completed the Minutemen quest with level 2 in the Local Leader perk. The more posts you build and the more you upgrade, the wider range of higher level items that become available. Caps and settler happiness increase as well. Additionally setting up a scavenging station and assigning a NPC to work there will provide extra resources for upgrades and add-ons in the future. The more energy and resources you invest in your settlement, the more returns you will receive in the future.

Spreading smiles

The happiness level of settlers will increase benefits of a settlement and can lead to the Benevolent Leader achievement if you’re into positive feedback. On the other hand, unhappy settlers will run off with your gear which can be a pain. To increase settler’s happiness invest in defenses, supply resources, and build shops. Your settlers will want some pampering so go a little crazy with decorating and buy tvs for their houses. Remember to come visit them on the weekends and everyone will be happy.

Choosing your perks

What perks you choose early into the game can affect your options for settlement building. The size of your settlement, what stations are available and other factors are dependent upon perk choices. For example, a player with the Gun Nut perk can install advanced defenses and the Local Leader perk allows for a supply line to be created between settlements. Some game hacks like wearing charisma boosting clothing can increase a player’s charisma and help with settlement building. Check out this guide for choosing perks.

Taking advantage of settlements

As we mentioned before, settlements provide resources and money when you put your people to work. With Charisma 6 and the Local Leader perk supply lines can also be set up, connecting your different establishments. A supply line allows the player to share resources across settlements and makes the workbench inventory accessible anywhere. Additionally a player can have settlers specialize in farming in one settlement and dedicate resources to water purification in another. If a player rests at home in their fine establishment, they will receive “well rested bonus” along with replenished health.

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