Xander is from the world of Fire Emblem Fates. This Spring Xander is one of the featured heroes in the Spring Festival Banner active from March 30 to April 4.

He is a Blue Orb unit with 5★ rarity. His movement speed is Cavalry.

Spring Xander | Fire Emblem Heroes Guide

  • Rarity: 5★
    • Color Type: Blue
    • Weapon Type: Lance
    • Mode of Travel: CavalryBase Statistics (5):
    • Base HP: 17 ~ 19
    • ATK: 18 ~ 20
    • SPD: 5 ~ 7
    • DEF: 8 ~ 10
    • RES: 6 ~ 8

    Max Statistics (5):
    • Base HP: 39 ~ 41
    • ATK: 24 ~ 26
    • SPD: 27 ~ 29
    • DEF: 34~ 36
    • RES: 25 ~ 27

    You can get Spring Xander in a Blue Orb Summon during the Spring Festival Banner. As Azura is a dancer, Catria and Cordelia are Flying, we will compare him to Abel. Both Spring Xander and Abel almost have the same HP and RES.

    Abel has an advantage over ATK at 33 versus Spring Xander’s 25. He also has 32 SPD versus 28 SPD of Spring Xander.

    Spring Xander beats Abel in terms of DEF. His DEF is 35 while Abel only has 25.


Notable Weapons (might):

• Iron Lance (6)
• Steel Lance (8)
• Carrot Lance (9)
• Carrot Lance+ (13)

The Carrot Lance+ can recover 4HP after battle, if Spring Xander initiates the attack.


• Swap

This can let Spring Xander a chance to swap places with an adjacent ally.

Passives Skills:

• Live for Honor

This Passive Skill can give you 150% more normal badges from the Training Tower. That is, if Spring Xander survives.

• Fortify DEF

This Passive Skill can grant adjacent allies DEF (+2/+3/+4) through their next actions at the start of each turn.

  • Fury 3
    Hero: Jagen
    Color: Blue
    Other Heroes: Eldigan, Hinata, Bartre
    This Passive Skill can grant ATK/SPD/DEF/RES+3 for the cost of 6 HP after combat.

Spring Xander | Final Evaluation:

To be honest, the only good thing about this Spring Xander is his Live for Honor Passive Skill. It can give you an additional 150% more normal badges from a Training Tower. But if you already have Spring Camilla, she can also do the same but with a different Passive Skill name, Live for Bounty.

If you still don’t have a Blue Lance Cavalry unit, Spring Xander will do. His Carrot Lance+ is good as it can heal 4HP every turn.

Live for Honor costs only 100 SP.

Just like the other three featured Heroes on the Spring Festival, we recommend having Fury 3. Even though it gives your unit 6 damage, their weapons can heal 4HP every turn.

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