Fire Emblem Heroes | Marth Guide

In Fire Emblem Heroes, you can summon Marth, the Prince of Altea and the first main character of the series. This is a character evaluation article as to whether he is a good unit to be part of your team.

Marth | Fire Emblem Heroes Guide

Basic Information:

  • Rarity: 4 – 5 stars
    • Color Type: Red
    • Weapon Type: Sword
    • Mode of Travel: On Foot

    Base Statistics (4 stars / 5 stars):

    • Base HP: 18 / 19
    • ATK: 18 / 22
    • SPD: 8 / 9
    • DEF: 6 / 7
    • RES: 5 / 6

    As a unit that starts at 4-stars, Marth is an incredible unit to have early in the game. As a character that can achieve 5-stars, it is expected that Marth can take the player up to the end game.


Notable Weapons (might):

• Iron Sword (6)
• Steel Sword (8)
• Silver Sword (11)
• Falchion (16)

The Falchion has high attack power. It is very effective against Dragons, which means you only need to decide how to approach these Dragon units, such as Tiki, so that Marth can deal with them effectively with the Falchion. It is important to note that the Falchion is a weapon accessible only by Marth and his descendants, Chrom and Lucina. Alm from Fire Emblem Gaiden should have access to this weapon too.


• Pivot

This assist skill allows Marth to move opposite to the side of the adjacent ally. With the quick touch gameplay of Fire Emblem Heroes, be careful of activating this skill especially when Marth has low HP!

Passives Skills:

• Escape Route (1/2/3)

Allows Marth to warp beside an adjacent ally if his HP is less than or equal to (30%/40%/50%)

• Spur Speed (1/2/3)

This allows Marth to grant SPD (+2/+3/+4) to adjacent allies while in combat.

Marth | Final Evaluation:

Marth, without a doubt, is an S-class unit in Fire Emblem Heroes. His access to the Falchion should be a lifesaver in Hard and Lunatic modes. He also recovers 10 HP after 3 turns so you can make use of your healer elsewhere. Lastly, the Warp technique can be super useful because once he warps, the allied units in the surrounding area will have Speed +2. You should be very lucky if you pulled Marth in Fire Emblem Heroes.

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