Stardew Valley: Best Crops for Each Season

Here is how you can grow best crops in spring, summer, and fall. Keep in mind that these values are just the base raw values for each and every crop you are planting. The matter of growing crops is simply about the price you get by throwing them into the bin once they mature. Other factors like exponential growth or anything like that aren’t discussed here.


Anyone starting right in the beginning of the spring, the most valuable thing you can grow is cauliflower. The seeds will cost you 80 gold coins, and once planted, they will take twelve days to mature. They have an earning power of 10 gold coins per day.


Alternatively, if you are in year two and have access to the oasis, you can buy Rhubarb seeds, each for 100 gold coins. They take 13 days to mature, and they offer a slightly better gold than cauliflower per day, that is 99 gold coins per day.


If you want to start making some real money in your springtime crops, head to the egg festival on the thirteenth of the spring and see Pierre here. Here you will be able to get strawberry seeds for 100 gold coins. They take four days to mature and produce every four days after that. So, even buying them halfway through spring, they will get you 12 gold coins per day, which is already considerably better than anything else you can buy for spring. Or probably if you are smart enough to invest for future, you can grow them for the whole year, and then they will get you 21 gold coins per day once they are fully mature. It means that you can have a strawberry plantation, which will certainly cost some money, but once you plant it, you will start getting some gold coins on daily basis.


Another crop you can grow through spring and summer is the newly introduced coffee. When going through spring and summer, it will get you a pretty good amount of 21 gold coins per day. It initially takes ten days to mature and then you can harvest it every two days after that which might seem quite tedious obviously. Also, sometimes you can buy from the traveling cart; it costs a pretty large 2500 gold coins. Sometimes it drops freely from the dust sprites in the mines. The reason that this coffee cultivation is not appreciated by many is that it is very tedious to pick every two days, and besides, the initial cost of 2500 gold coins is very high. There still remains the prospect that you will be able to expand your coffee cultivation, but personally, I don’t like this crop.

Now, we will move towards summer. In the summer, your choices are pretty straightforward: if you don’t have access to the desert, go and find CPR at the general store.


In the general store, you can buy seeds of blueberries and they will cost you 80 coins for each seed. They take 13 days to mature, and then you can harvest them every four days after that. The plantation of blueberries is also worthwhile because they will give you 21 gold coins per day, and you can easily grow them in summer.

Star Fruit Seeds

Now again, if you have access to the Desert, you will want to have Starfruit. They take 13 days to mature, so you can harvest them throughout summer. The seeds are pretty expensive and they cost 400 gold coins. But, it is a worthy investment because they have the return of 27 gold coins per day. So, I highly advise that if you want to earn some extra money, save some money first, buy these seeds, plant them, and then you will start getting money on daily basis.

Although there are many crops that you can grow in summer, but these two are the best and I advise that you stick to these two. We will now move to the fall season. The choice for fall is pretty simple. All you have to do is go to the general store and buy some seeds there.


Go to the general store, and buy cranberry seeds. They will cost you 240 gold coins. They take seven days to mature, and five more days after that before you finally harvest them. They are worthily valuable because they will give you 19 gold coins per day. So, these are the seeds that you will certainly want to grow in fall.

Sweet Jam Berry

There is nothing better than that if you get sweet jam berries’ seeds, which is basically a rare seed. It takes 24 days to mature, basically, all of the fall season. The thing worth mentioning is that it is not only the most valuable thing to grow in fall but, it is the most valuable thing in the entire game. It is worth 82 gold coins per day to grow, so a full harvest of this will get you a lot of money.

You can buy the sweet jam berry seeds from the traveling merchant who shows up on Fridays and Sundays, and it will cost you almost 1000 gold coins. The interesting thing about the sweet jam berries is that, once you have gotten some seeds, and planted them, you can multiply seeds by putting them into seed maker. One seed will give you three seeds. This activity is worthwhile because it will save you a lot of money. In fact, if you have fewer seeds, and you are planning to grow a full-size crop, you can multiply your seeds by this method, and when you think that you have enough now, you can then plant a full-size crop.

I myself did the same thing. When I had enough seeds, I planted a full crop, and you wouldn’t believe, I was able to get 12 million gold coins, and that’s a lot of money. So I would advise that you try your best to get these seeds in fall, if you can’t, then do cranberries instead.

Ancient seeds

The second most valuable seeds in the game are known as the ancient seeds. You can grow these seeds through spring, summer and fall, and as is the case with sweet jam berries and the rare seeds in general, these cannot be bought in bulk either. You can buy one at a time. So, you will have to go through the process of its going to maturity, and then putting it in the seed maker, and growing the numbers that way. It is worth 57 gold coins per day. It is not as much as the rare seeds, but far greater than the regular seeds. This is what I grow in my greenhouse, and it has been full since quite a few years.

These ancient seeds take full 28 days to grow, and then they produce a plant every seven days after that. So as you can see my greenhouse is full with this crop, every week this crop yields me 100,000 gold coins. This is easy money that I get without taking care of anything. I just take care of it every once a while. These can also be obtained in a number of ways, and first being the traveling cart once again. It also comes out of the seed maker sometimes; despite whatever seed you replicate, you will get an ancient seed out of the seed maker. You can also find it randomly in the treasure chest. You can also get it as a reward from the museum.

So I hope this will help you to clarify things a little bit because I have seen lots of people asking about the best seeds to grow, especially since the 1.1 update because all the values were changed in this new game. So, this is the systematic way of growing crops and earning money. If you, too, keep it systematic, like, growing those crops in a season that are best for that particular season, you will be able to get much out of the crops that you have struggled so much to plant.

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