Godfall Shift Cheat Codes

Godfall is an action role-playing game that was released in 2021. You will need to prevent the apocalyptic event as per the Knight’s order. Pick up the weapons from different weapon classes that include dual blades, long swords, two-handed war hammers, and more. You have to complete different quests and missions while fighting against enemies. Counter them and take all the loot. You can add two of your friends with you to complete these missions. Godfall is featured on Windows PC and Playstation. 

Z9CT3-BC3JB-T33TJ-TBJBB-KXJB3This code will provide you with Ashengod Phoenix Skin.
Z9CBT-5K3TT-BBJJ3-TT3TB-Z9CTUse this code and get Royal Fortitude Bulwark Skin.

How to redeem the shift codes in Godfall ?

Follow the method below to use the shift codes in Godfall :

  1. Create an account on Shift or login if you already have an account. 
  2. Then link your Shift account with the epic game store. 
  3. After that, make your way to the Shift rewards page. 
  4. Input the code in the redemption section to receive the reward.

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