How to Customize Any Aircraft in GTA 5 Online

In this article, you will get to know how to customize your aircraft along with what the options will encounter you in this process. You will get to know why and which option to choose.

In the GTA 5 game, you can customize your Aircraft in a very simple way. You can change the color of your plane and also upgrade it. You just have to follow a few steps to customize your aircraft. You just have to open your phone and go over to the internet.

Click on FORECLOSURE and then go over to your hangar.

You will need a hangar when you are not using your aircraft, so buy it first. Then go to the RENOVATE option. Here you will have a ‘’workshop’’ option. If you don’t have it, then but this is up for a cost of over 1 million dollars.

After this, you will be in your workshop and enter any of the vehicles.

When you are in your vehicle, press right on the d-pad, and the ‘’customization menu’’ appears. A laser is a pegasus vehicle so you can’t customize it. All pegasus vehicles have no customization options. All you can do is change their color and that’s it.

But if you enter an ‘’pyro aircraft’’, you will see so many customization options there.

When you have finished the customization process, you will be back on the menu where you have three options.

When you choose ‘‘exit the aircraft workshop’’, you will be in the hangar and you can see the plane from the camera view. When you choose the ‘‘exit the aircraft option’’ you will get out of the plane but you will still be in the hangar.

When you choose the ‘‘exit the hangar’’ option, you will exit the hangar in your plane and go wherever you want to go.


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