How to Escape Epic Rank in Mobile Legends

There are only 3 things you need to know to escape the epic rank. The first thing is that you should know all the objectives in the game. 

This guide will let you know how to escape an epic rank in Mobile Legends. 

Table of Contents

    Objectives are the factors that will help you win the game, so what are the objectives in ML?

    The Lithowanderer: 

    The Buffs:

    The Crabs:

    The turtle and the lord.

    Lastly, and the most important, the turrets. 

    These two are not part of the objectives. You should avoid taking them while your turret is under attack.

    Most of the epic is just farming, and farming and letting their turret go down without knowing that the one they are taking is not important.

    So after knowing all the objectives, you know which one to prioritize. 

    The 2nd is rotation; rotation is simply moving to an objective. It means that you are not wasting time.

    You are taking an objective from time to time. If you do a good rotation, you can easily dominate the game and end the game. Let me show you an example of rotation, which he did, and you can also use it. He goes clearing the lane.  

    Then take the litho wanderer and then take the buff.  And then clearing the lanes again. Here he takes jungle creeps which is wrong. 

    Instead of taking the crab, then gank. So after doing the rotation, it will help you have the gold lead. And also, with more EXP, you can perform better GANK.

    And easily take down a turret.  

    Here is an example of a good rotation, which is effective in this rank to make you stronger than the enemies. 

    Clear – BUFF – clear LITHO – then GANK.

    Always remember this tip (this is also required at higher ranks).

    Never engage when you are not at level 4. It is a battle to be the level 4 first because you are the one to level 4 first. 

    You can now move to Gank while they are still taking farms to catch up to your level. You can dominate any level 3 heroes when you are at level 4. There’s a lot of rotation that can make you level up faster.

    Better for you to think of your moves, always take note that objective is a must. Do the objective per objective. If it’s not objective, don’t go for it, and do not overstay. 

    Most of the epic, after clearing the minion wave, stays at that lane to clear another minion wave which is not recommended. Take note that after clearing a minion wave, it should rotate. And the last thing you need to know is to pick the right hero. 

    The meta heroes are the strongest in the current season; you should read the updates to know who’s hero gets buff and nerf.

    For example, you want to pick marked man heroes.

    The meta in the marksman is kariye, Claude, Kimmy, and granger, so avoid picking non-meta marksmen like Irithyll, Lesley, and Miya. 

    Because the meta deals high damage, it’s also an advantage for you, and these are all the things you need to know to escape epic rank!

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