How To Get A Keycard By Yourself Jailbreak

In this guide you will get to know how to get a keycard by yourself in roblox jailbreak.

This works by yourself or with friends if nobody is on the police team.

The first step to getting a keycard is to escape prison and become a Criminal.

Next you want to make your way to the airport where the cargo plane robbery is.

Once you reach the airport, I suggest you stick around if you do not have the boss Game pass and wait for the plane to land.

You probably didn’t know this but a good way to tell if the plane is about to land is by looking at the crates.

Once 7 crates are in the white X, the cargo plane will spawn to collect them.

Once the cargo plane lands and opens, get inside and start the robbery like normal.

If you try using the lever, it will say you need a keycard to get out and that there is one in the plane.

This means that there is a chance a keycard is on the plane.

Once the hatch closes and the robbery starts, inspect any crate that is on the plane.

Since you do not know where the keycard is you may have to do this robbery again.

Since I got a card from the crate, I am now able to open the door and get out. If you get a crate but not the card, you can still keep searching but you won’t collect two crates.

Now that I am out of the cargo plane, as you can see I have a keycard.

If I go up to any door that requires a keycard, I am able to open it.

As for now, i am the only person on the server and i have a keycard.

That also means you can rob the bank on your own.


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