How to Get and Use Balloons in LEGO Fortnite

In this guide, you will learn how to get and use Balloons in Lego Fortnite. First, you have to make a fabric and then you will be able to craft a balloon.

Make Fabric

  • First, you’ll need a loom. To unlock it, gather sand claws, flexwood rods, and flexwood found in the desert biome.
  • Once grabbed, put the loom at some suitable location.
    The loom lets you turn silk thread into fabric.
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  • Collect some silk thread and use the recipe to craft it into fabric using the loom.
    After making your first fabric, you can conveniently unlock the balloon recipe in the toy section.
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Craft a Balloon

  • To craft a balloon, make sure to have a cord, silk fragments, and a torch.
    Initially, the balloon won’t do much until it’s attached to something.
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  • To make it work, create a dynamic foundation by attaching multiple balloons to a stable structure.
    It will make it fly, effectively turning it into a plane.
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