How To Install Diamond Casino & Resort Business Mod In GTA 5

The Diamond Casino & Resort Business GTA 5 MODS allows you to use the casino for business purposes. You can also customize the blif, user interface, color and much more in this mod of GTA 5.

This guide will let you know how to install Diamond Casino and Resort Business Mod.

The first thing you will need to do is to open the link below to download Diamond Casino & Resort Business.

  • It’s required to install these softwares before the installation of Diamond Casino & Resort Business.
  • Open the Grand Theft Auto V installation folder and double click on script to open.
  • While keeping the script folder opened, you have to open the downloaded folder.

  • Follow the directory in the following image and copy all the  files and folder except READ ME!!. Paste the copied data into the pre opened script folder.
  • After that, close the opened folders and launch the game. As you get into the game, open the map. After opening the map, mark the location nearby Diamond Casino and Resort and move towards the casino.
  • As you go outside the casino shown on map, there will be no actual casino.
  • To get access to the casino, it’s required to enable the MP maps. So, to enable the MP Map, open the simple trainer and follow the steps below for enabling the MP Maps.
  • You will need to open the teleporting and click on other teleport.

  • Enable the “Enable MP Maps”.
  • The screen will freeze for some moments, as it gets enabled, you will see the casino.
  • As you enter in casino, stand up on the circle, an instruction to enter in the casino will pop up, press * to enter into the casino and for this you need to purchase the membership.

  • If MP Map is not enabled and you go through the map to the desired location by using the teleport in simple trainer, you won’t see any casino at the location.
  • Teleporting through the simple trainer at every location will simply install all the interior of the casino. If you click on the marker in the casino it will directly show the casino interior.
  • Teleport the whole casino.
  • After teleporting the whole casino, enter in casino through the door and you will see the casino interior.
  • As you enter the casino, you will see the circles nearby yourself, get closer to them, purchase in order to get deeper in the casino. Make sure to teleport the whole area. So, you go directly into the casino if you click on any location on the map.

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