How To Install ReShade 4.6.1 [Graphics] Mod In GTA 5 ?

The ReShade 4.6.1 mod brings new graphic and visual effects into your game. The game will become much more colorful and realistic with shading that adds to the overall screenplay.

  • Open the link below and download Reshade.

  • Open the link below and  download GTA_REDUX_V1.8.torrent.

  • After that, open the ReShade_Setup_4.6.1 file.

  • And then you have to click on “Click here to select a game and manage its ReShade installation” option.

  • After that, click on Browse.

  • Navigate to the GTA V application file and then click on Open.

  • After that, click on Update.

  • Check box the Standard effect and SweetFX by options and press OK.

  • After that, you have to open the GTA_REDUX_V1.8 folder

  • Open the GTA_REDUX_RESHADE folder.

  • And copy all the files except Readme file

  • Paste the copied file into the Grand Theft Auto V directory.

  • That’s it launch the game, press Home button to open the Reshade menu, explore and enjoy game.

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