How To Level Up Units Fast Anime Mania Roblox

In this brief guide, you will learn how to level up units fast in Anime Mania Roblox.

Let’s go from the beginner’s stage so that everyone can catch up fast. Leveling up is all about gold fodder. Gold is so easy to obtain, unlike gems. And also, both the units summoned in gems and gold give u 2.5 exp (level 1) whenever you feed!

So if you want to level up units, always try gold summoning 950 gold to summon (X10 fodders) gives you 25 exp for the team.

Also, you must know farming gold is easy. If you are a beginner, try farming bandit raid maps for 300 gold! Leveling up is essential for progress and unlocking new maps! Always focus on one unit only. The strongest legendary ever! So trying to farm bandit raids takes only three or fewer mins, 300 gold easy.

Also, summon X10 without a single summo. Because you know it saves money.

In this way, you can get 25 exp per 10x fodders, quickly you all can get level up fast.

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