How To Lockpick In Kingdom Come Deliverance

In this guide, you will get to know how to Lockpicking in the Kingdom Come:Deliverance

You can Lockpick in the Kingdom Come:Deliverance very easily in no time. It is recommended to save the snap of the instructions before going to unlock it. Then you need lockpicks; if you don’t have any lockpicks, you can go to Fritz. He will give you three lockpicks for free.

When you are doing the lockpicking, you have to find the golden circle with your right stick. When you find the gold circle, you need to move the lock with the left stick. You have to move the right stick and the left stick because it will enable you to stay on the golden circle. 

If you miss out on the golden spot, you will fail to unlock it. You have to be very careful while moving both sticks in the same direction.

In this way you can Lockpick in the Kingdom Come:Deliverance.

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