How to Make High Points in Faction War – Mortal Kombat Mobile

Every player wants to achieve as high points as possible in faction war in Mortal Kombat mobile. This is the right place for you to learn this technique. You will also learn how to change your faction.

Survival Mode

There are five towers in survival mode. These towers are classified as Easy, Normal, Hard, Fatal, and Elder. Firstly, you need to play normal and hard towers. You can also play Fatal, but you must have Fusion 9 or 10 characters to play the fatal tower. Otherwise, you cannot complete these towers. So, going toward the hard tower. The noticeable thing here is many characters have multipliers on them. Your points will quickly arise if you play these characters, but it is possible that you don’t have these characters on very high fusion.

The Strategy

You need to pick two weak and strong characters. You cannot use silver or bronze cards as this is the hard tower, so you must select a gold card. In this case, it is Johnny Cage, Jacqui Briggs, and a strong character. If you complete this tower, you will get around one million points.

Fusion X Characters

You have to be careful about one thing, battle one seems very easy, but battles 7, 8, or 9 are not easy. These battles will have the Fusion X characters. Your opponent may be a diamond character. It would help if you did not take these battles as easily as battle number one. Nothing is like that; you must win all 9 battles with the same health.

For example, if your characters die or his health reaches half. It would be best to still play the next battle with the same team and characters. You cannot change the team or the equipment. Once you have settled anything, it will be fixed. So, it would be best if you were very careful while selecting the characters and equipment.

Choose The Most Compatible Equipment

Because if all three of your characters die in the tower or you complete the tower, all your equipment will be destroyed, and the characters will die. But there is nothing to worry about; your characters will revive once the season ends.

Therefore, if you don’t have 2 strong characters, you should take 2 point multiplier characters and one who is more strong. Fusion X will be great if you have any. But if you see that your points have gone very less, Like if you remove just a single character, your points will reduce up to 50%. But if you complete 9 battles with the same team, you can easily collect 4 to 500K points.

Unblockable Gear Is Inevitable

You can play the normal tower in case your team is very weak. But the process will stay the same if you take all three-point multiplier characters. You will get almost 7,740 as a bonus. And if you complete these 7 battles, you will get 3 to 400K points. Here, a question arises, If you complete this tower 4 to 5 times, all of your equipment will destroy.

Remember, it is almost impossible to complete these battles without unblockable gear. But if you want to make great points, you must play with all characters, and there is no other way out. This is the only method to make very high points. You can also play Quick Play, but you have to invest a lot of time in that, and no one would like to do that. This idea is great for making high points.

Season Rewards

Now, let’s have a look at Season Rewards. You can check the rewards by entering that rank. So, it is Legend Blood Ruby Pack with Diamond MK 11 Noob Saibot 20%, Gold Klassic Smoke 20%, Diamond Circle of Shadow Liu Kang 20%, Diamond Circle of Shadow Kitana 20%, and Diamond Circle of Shadow Quan Chi in it.

Whenever it is given to a different team, the Circle of Shadow team is here. And chances are very high in Legend Ring since only 10 people come into the Legend Ring. You can go to Kombatant Elite if you are a beginner. 1 Million points are too much for you as a beginner, but you don’t need to make 1 million points to get into Kombatent Elite.

Kombatant Elite

You can check out the limit of Kombatant III. Its limit is 500K. You will move to the Kombatant Elite if you make one more point. The situation is the same with the Kontendar I. For example, if you make even one extra point from 967,681, you will be shifted to Kontendar I. It is not necessary to make the same points as written here. You only need to achieve one more point than the last rank to enter the next rank.

Let’s see what Kombatant Elite has for you. Gold Klassic Smoke 7%, Diamond Circle of Shadow Liu Kang 1%, Diamond Circle of Shadow Liu Kitana 1%, Diamond Circle of Shadow Quan Chi 1%, and Gold Challenge Character Card 90%. The chances are very less, but if you go into Kontendar I, the chances will increase to 9%. Making points will be very difficult for you if you are a beginner. You can concentrate on Komabtant Elite for now.

Faction War And Its Groups

Faction War is divided into 5 groups. you have to examine which group has a strong chance of finding Diamond. If in the Kombatant Elite in the Brotherhood of Shadow, a group of faction war, the chance to get Diamond is 1%. So, all the other groups will have the same 1% chance in the Kombatant Elite. But you have to be in the Brotherhood since you can quickly find the diamonds in it.

The experienced players say, while sharing their opinion, that you can get the Diamonds frequently in Brotherhood. You have also played the Black Dragon group of faction war, but you cannot get the Diamonds there so quickly. If you make good points, the chances to get Diamonds in Brotherhood are very high. But you need to make more points for Brotherhood. For example, if you go into Kontendar I by making 1 Million points in Black Dragon. You have to make 1.2 million points in Brotherhood of Shadow. It means there is a difference of 2 to 300K.

How To Change The Group In Faction War?

First, click on your profile, and you will get 5 options. You have to click on the Set Online Faction. Then, you can just choose the group to join, but you need to keep one thing in your mind by changing factions, you will lose all your points. If you change the faction during the season, all your earned points will be lost otherwise. Always change the faction after ending the season. You will regret changing the faction during the season.

That is how you can make high points in Faction War, Mortal Kombat Mobile.