How To Make Light Gray Stained Glass

Light Gray Stained glass is one of the craftable building blocks. You can use this glass for decoration.

In this brief guide we will show how you can make a light gray stained glass. There are certain things you will need to get that light gray stained glass. These are the things you need: sand blocks, glass, azure bluet, oxeye daisy or white tulip, light gray dye.

Sand Blocks

Equip your iron shovel and look for sand alongside the water stream. Take at least 8 sand blocks. 

Glass using Furnace

After that go towards the furnace and make 8 glasses from sand blocks. Add these glasses in your inventory to use later.

Azure Bluet

Now you will have to find azure bluet so that you can use it to make light gray dye.

Light Gray Dye

The next thing you’d need will be a light gray dye. Go towards the crafting table and open up the 3*3 crafting grid. Add azure bluet in the crafting grid to craft a light gray dye. Bring this into your inventory for the making of light gray stained glass.

Light Gray Stained Glass

Open up the crafting table once more and add three glasses in the first row, two glasses and light gray dye in the second row where light gray dye’s position is middle and add three glasses in the third row as shown in the image below. You will craft light gray stained glass, take this into your “ready to use” stock. 

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