How To Make Modern Bathroom

The Modern Bathrooms have all the facilities from bathtub to modern sink and modern toilet. 

This guide will let you know how to make a Modern Bathroom in the Minecraft game.

The first thing you have to do is to dig 7*9 blocks of the ground and fill it with light gray concrete blocks. 

After this make three walls on the sides using white concrete blocks. 

Now you have to make a bathtub by placing stairs near the wall in the same way as shown in the image below. 

Place an end rod on the wall and it will act as a water tap. Add turtle eggs in the corners as sponges.

The next thing you need to do is to add a bucket of water in the bathtub to fill it with water. 

Dig the ground around the bathtub and add loom under the ground. It will work as drain. 

Now you have to dig more grounds around the looms and then place barrels there. 

You can also add some towels in the bathroom. Place two item frames on the wall and add spruce stairs on them. Then gray banners on the item frames.

Follow the instructions below to make a modern sink. 

You need to place two smooth quartz blocks and quartz stairs in the center and fill the middle part with water. 

After this, place a tripwire hook on the wall and add item frames on the quartz blocks. Add an iron trap door on both of the item frames. 

Place white banners on the item frames. Bring your loom out and add a light gray banner and white dye in it. Select the design to make a new banner. 

Add this banner in the loom again with blue dye to make a new one. And then add it again with white dye to make a mirror. Bring this mirror in your inventory. 

Place these banners open the wall to finish your design of Modern sink. 

After this, you have to build a toilet. The first thing you need to do is to dig a block on the ground and place an armor stand in it. Add a diamond helmet at the top of the armor stand. 

Add a light gray concrete block at the top of the helmet and push it down using a piston with a redstone block. 

After this, place stairs at the top of the diamond helmet and then push it down using a piston with a redstone block. Place one smooth quartz stair at the back as shown in the image below. 

Place one smooth quartz block at the top of quartz stairs and add a stone button on it. And then place a white banner on the front side.

Now it is the time for a bit of decoration. Replace the blocks with fluffy carpets and add dead tube coral fans on it. 

Place two iron trap doors on the wall near the toilet and add flower pots on them. Add red tulips in both the pots to complete your modern bathroom. 

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