How To Make Scaffolding

Scaffolding is one of the craftable blocks in the minecraft game. It helps the players reach higher places, or to come down safely without taking the fall damage.

To make Scaffolding, you’ll need Bamboo Wood logs and Spider Strings. Please follow the following steps to make a Scaffolding.   

Bamboo Wood Logs

In order to make scaffolding, the basic thing you need to get is bamboo wood log. Bamboo wood can be found in jungle biomes. Get at least six pieces of bamboo wood.

Spider Strings  

After that, the next important item that you need to get is spider strings. You can find spiders in caves, kill them using your iron sword to get at least one string. 


Now you can craft scaffolding using the crafting table. Open up 3*3 crafting grid to add

Six bamboo logs and a spider string in the same way as shown in the image below. You will get six scaffolding in the right side box of the crafting table. Add these into your “ready to use” stock. 

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