How To Make Wooden Tools(Hoe, Shovel, Axe, Pickaxe, Sword)

Tools are the necessary item in the Minecraft Survival game. You can perform different functions by using them. For example, a wooden hoe is used to harvest some other blocks quickly.

To make the full set of wooden tools, the first thing that will be required is wooden logs. Chop down any tree to obtain six pieces of wooden logs.

Then make your way towards the crafting table and open 3*3 crafting grid. Use the wooden logs on the crafting grid to craft wooden planks.

And use the wooden logs on the grid to craft some wooden sticks.

Now you will be able to make wooden tools. Place two wooden logs and stocks in the shape of a regular hoe to craft a wooden hoe. And then add that in your inventory.

The next thing we are going to craft is a wooden shovel. Just use two wooden sticks and one plank on the crafting grid to make one.

Follow this method and place wooden planks and sticks in the shape of an axe, pickaxe and sword to craft a wooden axe, pickaxe and sword respectively. Must take each one of the tools in your inventory.

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